5 Of The Best Football Apps


There are very few sports that can provoke the amount of adrenalin that watching football game can. Whether it’s a friendly, cup final, or even a world cup match, the beautiful game is called that for a reason.

It wasn’t so long ago that the only way to watch matches were at the stadium, or in front of your TV. Those times are behind us now. If you own a tablet or a smart-phone, you can gain access to live-streams, on-the-fly statistics, news, and even buy your tickets online.

Here’s a small list of the most useful applications you can install to give yourself the leisure of accessing all the information you need related to football.

1. Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre – Stats, commentaries and more

Sky Sports Live Football Score CentreOk, so you are a hard-core football fan and you want to know everything and you want to be able to do it anywhere. There is no piece of statistical information you can’t access using this app. Line ups, live scores, future fixtures, they are all here and you can easily browse through them. You can also bookmark teams and matches you are most interested in and be notified about any changes related to them. If you have a paid subscription to Sky Go on Now TV, you can even follow live streams.

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2. Adidas Snapshot – Kicking like a professional or are you?

Adidas Snapshot AppAre you a young talent that wants to improve and perhaps one day go pro? Then you know how hard it is to evaluate your mistakes and improve your technique. Adidas snapshot gives you the option to record your kick and it basically tells you how you compare it to the best players around the world and an option to go into in-depth analysis. One of the best players around the world, Gareth Bale, was one of the first people to try out this application.

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3. FTB Pro – Talk about football with the world

FTB Pro AppThere are people who really like to talk about football and engage with all the competition. This app can connect you to an international fan base with an option to write your own articles and share your thoughts. You can also follow people and read other people’s work. Some will argue that if anyone can write, not all content will be high quality but people value quality work and that work usually remains on top.

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4. BBC Sports – Professional football journalism

BBC Sports appSome people have a habit of reading about sports in the newspaper and like the professional approach educated journalists have towards football. If this is your cup of tea, then I have to suggest you try out BBC sports. BBC has really lived up to its name when it comes to this and the quality of journalism is top notch.

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5. FourFourTwo Football Stats Zone – Which team is better? This app will tell you

FourFourTwo Football Stats ZoneOn top of being one of the best updated databases in the world statistically speaking, the Four Four Two application gives you the option to pull out statistics for two teams or players and really see the differences between them. This is a great app for settling disputes between two sides, since it is a reliable source of all the information you need to prove a point. The whole thing gets even more unbelievable when you realize that you have access to stats about each individual tackle, shot, pass, save and so on. It is an all around perfect application for a die-hard football fan.

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