Common Types of Damage to the iPhone

Water Damaged iPhone

Water Damaged iPhoneWith any handheld device, there are risks of damage. The iPhone is no exception. Common types of damage that iPhone owners experience include a cracked screen, scratches on the backing and the screen, water damage, and a damaged home button. Though most of these damages can be fixed, some of them make the iPhone unusable.

Cracked Screen

One of the most common forms of damage to an iPhone is a cracked screen. When Apple made the decision to create a phone encased in glass, they probably didn’t foresee the problems that it would create for their customers. The glass proved to not be strong enough to hold up against the day to day phone drops that their customers cause. Though Apple has reinforced the glass screen since its original debut, a cracked screen is still common for the iPhone. This sort of damage can cost iPhone owners anywhere between $150 to $250 depending on the extent of the damage and the repair company. Methods of prevention included purchasing a hard protective case and being extremely careful when handling the iPhone.


Scratches on the shell and screen are very common for iPhone owners. Though this sort of damage does not affect the iPhone’s ability to function, it can make the iPhone look less than appealing. One way that you can prevent scratches on your iPhone is to purchase screen covers and a protective hard case. If you already have scratches on your iPhone, you can take it to an iphone repair shop and have them repair the cosmetic damage.

Damaged Home Button

As owners use their iPhone over time, they often discover that the home button becomes damaged or stuck. This is mostly caused by the owner pressing on the home button too hard or continually touching it with soiled fingers. To fix the damage you can try cleaning the button. It you clean the button and find that it is still stuck or damaged, you may have to take it to a repair shop. In some models of the iPhone, however, the damaged home button was a result of a manufacturing error and can be fixed at most Apple stores.

Water Damage

Water damage is another common form of damage for iPhone owners. Water damage usually results from the owners carelessness around sources of water. There have been many reports of water damage from dropping the iPhone in the toilet, damage from condensation from a drink, or accidentally spilling a beverage on the iPhone. This damage usually results in the end of the devices life, and can rarely be repaired. If the water damage can be repaired, it will usually be very costly to the iPhone owner. To avoid water damage to your iPhone, you will need to train yourself to use extreme caution when you are around sources of water. Purchasing a protective case may help to prevent water damage in less extreme scenarios.

Making yourself aware of the possible damages that your iPhone is at risk for can help you to prevent them from occurring. There are different preventative measures that you should take for each damage risk. By using the suggested preventative measures, you can end up saving yourself a lot of money and can avoid losing irreplaceable data that you have stored to your iPhone.

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