10 Easy Steps for Developing an Android Application

Developing an Android Application

You must have heard about the news about Chad Mureta. He went through a car accident two years back. When he was in the hospital for his treatment one of his friends gave him an article to read which was about the app market. When he recovered from his injuries he started designing and developing applications.

Not more than 2 years he took and created and sold three mobile applications for companies and received millions as revenue. He developed more than 40 mobile applications and each having a download number more than 35 million. Wow! Isn’t that great? Who does not want to work the same way and to earn maximum in less amount of time?

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Let’s check out how he did that. He has given 10 simple steps for designing and developing a quality app.

1. Firstly take the complete feel of the market you want to target:

Take an example of any business, your success will always depend on the understanding of the marketplace. Google Play and the App store are the topmost marketplaces if you are planning to start an app business. One of the best ways of understanding App store is studying the Apple’s cheat sheet. The App store will display the top-free, top paid and top grossing applications every time. Apple will provide you the same list for the individual app categories.

2. Implement your original ideas into your apps:

You do not know if your app is required in the market or not. Give a look to the top application chart. Check if the apps are like the ones you want to create? If no then search for more and if it is a yes then congratulations it is the time to start. According to Mureta, nobody dislikes their own ideas but it is not you who have to decide, it is the market that has to decide if the idea is good or not. If you still stick to your own idea without searching the market then it would cost a lot.

3. Describe the experience of your application:  

If you really want to convey your idea to the world, simply draw your idea on a piece of paper. Some people put their idea together in the digital form with the help of a Photoshop or Draft. Do whatever you feel is good and give the developer the details your developer needs. This is the only way to go.

In simple words, be clearer and make everything clear to your developer. The idea that you have to convey your complete idea to the programmer about how the application will look like, where everything will be placed and what will happen if certain buttons are selected.

4. Register as a developer:

Once you are done with the idea and everything in your mind you have to register as a developer on the platform you want your app to develop. Developer is the one whose name is used for publishing the app. If you were developing your first application, it would be better to go for iOS rather than BlackBerry or Android. This platform will help you in increasing your profits simply because you are developing something for that platform. But do not ever try to break the guidelines given by Apple. Your application is being checked by the Apple before an approval and Apple will reject it if there is any issue related to the breaking of the Apple guidelines.

5. Find Potential Developers:

Hiring a good and capable programmer would be a lengthy and difficult process but the time spent in searching the one will be worth doing. Always find a sensible and reliable application developer even if he charges a bit extra than any other. Hiring such knowledgeable programmers will avoid any unnecessary delay in the project and frustrations related to it. It is obvious that whenever you want to add resources to your team you will look for an intelligent mind. So rather than performing similar things again and again, learn the skills for assessing a programmer for your mobile application.

6. Sign NDA, Share your idea about your application and hire your programmer:

It is your duty to protect your ideas, source code and any other intellectual property rights. Therefore it is necessary for a potential programmer to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement before you hire him.

Make sure that you clear everything in the documents about the timings, guidelines, quoting up and braking up of the project, how you have to perform. Also make things clear about the payments and the schedule with which you both are comfortable.

7. Begin with the coding of your application:

Do not just jump into the full fledged project instead plan your work and manage the work by giving smaller tasks to your developer. You have to check the basic graphic capabilities of the developer, overall work dynamic time and the implementation speed of the project. If you think that he/she is not good enough to work for you, you need to get out of it quickly as terms and conditions once signed would be difficult to abolish.

8. Test the application when it is done:

It is crucial to test the application designed by you. This testing part will show you how your consumers will use the application. Everything about the application is known to you but you have to behave like a user when you are testing the application. Test each and every feature 10 times before the release of your application.

Do not just test yourself only. Ask others to test it too. The questions they might ask sometimes do not strike your mind.

9. Post your Application to the app market:

Now when your application has been tested and you have received the feedback. Now it is the time to wrap your application and send it to the App store for review.

10. Market your app when it is done:

Well congratulations that your application has been approved. Now start planning to advertise your application. Use social media platforms and various other means to market your application. Convince users to download your application. Design a download button with the advertisement of your app so that there will be no delay in downloading the application.


According to Chad Mureta, designing and developing a mobile application is not a difficult job all you need is to focus on what you are doing. Just be passionate about what you want to develop, research and research and when you think you have researched enough then frame your idea into reality.

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