Shapes Mobile UI Kit – Freebie Pack

A freebie of “Shapes Mobile UI Kit” has been shared from It is 100% free to download and use it. Also please share and spread their work! Enjoy! Shapes Mobile Freebie Available format - .zip Files Included - .psd...

Free Charming Boutique Icon Set by

12 Free Charming Boutique Icon Set for Online Stores

The shopping icons in Charming Boutique set are the perfect option for anyone looking for some high quality, easy to use icons. This kit includes 12 beautiful icons that have a modern and flat appearance that will work perfectly for...

5 Fonts for Printing

5 Best and Worst Fonts for Printing

Choosing a font for any purpose can be difficult. There are tons of font designs, and what’s worse is that when you choose one it might not look the same printed as it does when you typed it. Many of...


How To Choose A Font For Your Next Project?

Letters, words, messages — they’re everywhere. We see them printed in books, brochures, magazines, newspapers, and print ads. We come into contact with them on a daily basis — commuting to work, shopping at the grocery store, surfing the web...

Helvetica Font

List of Best Fonts to Use for your Website

One of the very first things that can grab the eyeballs of your website visitors is your text font. When you put up well-written content on your site, it’s important that you beautify it with some attractive font styles. The...