List of ‘Web Icons’ That Will Charm your Followers in 2013


The importance of using web icons cannot be under estimated. They say everything clearly and precisely without the web designer having to use lengthy sentence. A home like icon clearly tells visitors where it will take them when clicked on it, though often a word or two is placed just below the icon, lest users get confused. In the web world visitors are from anywhere and everywhere, most know the language of the page you have designed and many may not. Such web icons play a vital role in making their navigation around your pages easier.

Though brevity is the primary reason why we use icons in web pages, they are also sometimes used to create interest in visitors. Icons, to be effective, must be intuitive and have a charm around them. They can be funny as well as business like, but is should fit well into the website’s overall philosophy and purpose, and more importantly its theme and color scheme.

Web icons are not difficult to find. Some icons come free and usually in sets, and more important they get outdated fast. If you already have a website and plan to revamp it, you can consider using icons from the list below. Web icons are not just for use on web pages. They also find use in social media postings, and if used with dexterity, you can charm your followers.

1. Social Media Bookmark Icon +

Free Social Media IconsOne of the most frequent actions users take on social media is bookmarking and showing them to followers within peer groups. You can of course tell your followers what you like by giving an elaborate link address, but you can do it better when you Social Media Bookmark Icon + icons. There are umpteen numbers of them here. You will definitely find them very charming. You can use the icons here on your blogs or website as well. You must particularly read the instructions before you begin using them.

2. Web 2.0 Origami

Web 2.0 Origami Icon SetThis yet another place where you will find lots of icons and the reason why you may want to try is they have origami features. They are very refreshing in the sense that you will not find many people using them. Though a perfect for social media, you will find it a little difficult to use on websites due to its fanciful nature, charming thought it is.

3. Free Social Media Icons

Free Social Media Icons is free to use for non-commercial use. It is primarily aimed at designers, though if you are tech savvy you can use it as well. It based on the minimalist philosophy and therefore is least demanding in terms of file size. Most icons here are either 16 pixel or 32 pixel and PNG, and that makes it perfect for social media due to its small size.

4. 32px

Social Media Bookmark Icon PlusYou should consider using 32px Social Media Icons for the simple reason that they are amongst the most colorful as well as charming. Though file sizes are little big, you will not mind it because of its attractiveness. The download has 35 color icons in all and is in PNG format. So there is little that you need to do by way of file conversion.

5. Old Bottle Crowns Icon Set

Old Bottle Crowns Icon SetFree Social Media Icons: Old Bottle Crowns Icon Set is particularly for those who want to add innovativeness to charm. As the name itself suggests, the designer has used bottle crowns as the theme.

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