What Apps Are the Best Alternatives to Tinder?

As swipe right has become an instinctive hand gesture for the digital generation, it was not the first internet platform for matching lonely hearts online. Moreover, its ubiquitous status has resulted in its standardisation to become the ‘best dating app...

Business Should Create an App

Why and How Your Business Should Create an App?

The digital world has gone from being a modern fad to an essential resource for any business. It doesn't matter whether it's an eatery, a shop, a medical facility, or any other similar business. One of the best resources for...

Call of Duty Mobile – Activision Garena Mobile Private

5 Battle Royale Free Games for Android & iOS Apps

Battle Royale is one of the fastest-growing genres in mobile gaming. This platform has evolved to become a trend not just in casual gaming but in the professional competitive scene as well. With big titles and developers jumping into the...

Deploy a React Native App to iOS & Android

How to Deploy a React Native App to iOS & Android?

Kudos to you for burning the midnight oil and completing the development of your react native mobile application. Now, you are probably geared up to launch your mobile application to Apple’s app store or Google Play. Right? This insightful post...

Designing Your First App

A Guide to Designing Your First App

Having an amazing and unique idea for an app is one thing. Actually deciding to design the app yourself is quite another. Not quite as daunting as actually building your app — this you can get professional help with! —...

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