How to Manage your Personal Tasks with Time Tracking App?

Manage your Personal Tasks with Time Tracking AppManage your Personal Tasks with Time Tracking App

If you want to accomplish more in less time, then you need to try using a time tracking app to organize your daily life. Think about it for a moment: how much time in your typical weekend do you spend stressed over having accomplished nothing from your to-do-list. Time tracking tools allow you to keep track of everything. This sums up how important it is to stay on top of the most important resource.

You can implement a lot of techniques and tips to tack the issue of time management for your personal tasks. Perhaps you can try and adjust your sleep time or create a to-do-list for everything you need to do with your time. But it starts with fully understanding how much time you spend on a particular task.

10 Tips to manage your personal tasks

with time tracking app

1. Audit how you spend your time

The foundation of all success is staying aware of how you spend 24 hours each day. Learning to spend time differently allows you to spend less time to complete a task and replacing some tasks with new ones. One of the most important benefits of using a time tracking app is time management audit. If you want to accomplish all the personal tasks, you set out to do, then you should start by logging how you spend your weekends. This will allow you to identify the tasks that can be negotiated out of your schedule.

2. Ensure each task is time-bound

Staying on a particular task at a time takes a lot of discipline and practice. Using a time tracking app to set a timer on each task sets a mental expectation that keeps you on the designated task. This timer sets the expectation that the time window is reserved for one thing. The result: you gain more discipline and drives up your productivity. Besides, setting a time limit on each task gives you a way to get started and blocks any interruptions.

3. Have a to-do-list in hand

Between working out, spending time with family and friends, and any other personal obligations, getting things done at home is as hard as it seems. Using a time tracking app in the same way lawyers use attorney time tracking, allows you to create an efficient to-do-list. You can create a couple of lists of stuff that needs to get done directly on the app. Remember to keep things simple and focus on the most important things-to-do. Also, remember to include it all and time everything.

4. Plan ahead

One of the best ways to improve how you spend your time is planning. This is the best way to manage your personal effectiveness. Planning your day allows you to make progress on everything you set out to do with less effort and time. Much of the time you allocate for your personal will be impacted by interruptions. This explains why planning ahead is critical to time management for personal tasks. Remember to schedule 15 to 30 minutes of your day to attend to non-emergency interruptions that may take your attention away from personal tasks.

5. Prioritize and start with the most important tasks

Learning to distinguish between the most important tasks and the least is a valuable asset for anyone looking to improve their time management skills. When you have a time tracking app in your hands, you start by writing down everything instead of floating around tasks freely in your head. Productivity gurus emphasize that you need to break down big tasks into smaller tasks by ranking them according to the effort needed. For starters, try and see is they are quick wins so you can get it out of the way and move on to a bigger task.

6. Delegate

Passing the baton needs a lot of trusts. However, even when you are doing your personal tasks, you cannot and should not do everything. Besides, delegating tasks empowers others and helps build trust. Delegating does more than just lighten the load for you. In any case, this is an opportunity for people who live with you to develop new skills and gain the knowledge to perform these tasks. To delegate your personal tasks effectively, find the right person for the job, and explain what you are delegating. Also, provide resources, training, and sufficient instructions.

7. Stay fully engaged with the task

Learning to stay engaged in your work for a certain period takes persistence and patience. Using a time tracking app allows you to stay focused on a single task or activity. Whether you are bogged down with clearing out your garage or decorating your living room, it can be easy to lose focus on the bigger picture. You can schedule ‘green time’ where you get a dose of nature to improve your attention span and ability to focus. Besides, a time tracking app can help you control the time you take away from your to-do list.

8. Adjust your schedule

When you are using a time tracking app to manage your personal tasks, it is important to learn from the insights provides and act accordingly. If you are constantly working without taking a break away from your work, you are not ever going to be able to accomplish your larger goals. The world of people who want to stay productive away from the office involves scheduling around the most productive hours. A time tracking app should provide you with data to make an informed decision when planning your work.

9. Take breaks

Even when you are at home, the most important thing is to learn when to take a break throughout the day. A well-spent break should be energizing, brain-boosting, social, productive, character-building, relaxing, and downright distracting. A quick rest does not discredit your effort but amplifies your accomplishments. When you have worked for hours without end or having trouble solving a problem, then it is time to take a break.

10. Get organized

A time tracking app is only effective if you learn to get organized. Staying organized helps you save time and eliminates the stress and anxiety related to working on your personal tasks. It allows you to become more creative, especially when it comes to allocating time for anything. Besides, it is the best way to keep a mindset to lessen the clutter and meet your goals and objectives.


Time tracking is vital to understanding how you spend the 24 hours you have in a day. It is vital to staying productive and keep up with a healthy workflow even when working on your personal tasks. If you know personal tasks take up much of your time, then it is time to bring in a time tracking app to reflect on how your time is spent.

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