5 Free Apps That Your iPhone Can’t Live Without…


We all heard of hundreds of mobile applications for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc. this year, but experts are not in a hurry to call all of them cool and the best ones to try once at least. Less known but more interesting, some apps for your iPhone become popular and wide shared just now, though they had been launched at the end of 2012. Today I would like to talk about 5 of them – the best free applications for your iPhone, which make it more functional and exciting to use. They allow you to create animated pictures, read news, gather photos from a wedding or any other occasion, develop your good habits, and even remember the past.

Cinemagram: Create GIFs

Cinemagram iPhone AppCinemagram is an application that allows you to create fun animated pictures. Those people who used various special programs to create GIFs will be the first ones to like this interesting and useful app for iPhone. In Cinemagram you will need to take video with your iPhone or iPad, select the piece you will be working with, find and choose the effects you need, and save. Now your video can be published to the Cinemagram or any other social networks, or you can keep it to yourself and not to show anyone.

Experts attribute the popularity of this application to its simplicity and Instagram-style filters. Cinemagram was a paid app first, but switched to a free model, when its free analog Flixel appeared.

Summly: Read News

Summly iPhone AppThis new application is for those ones who like reading news in English. For those who have already tried News360 and Zite. Summly is called “the news in your pocket”. You can choose the topics you are interested in, and news sources to read them alone. Technology, design, world news, fashion, politics, sports – so quite a lot to choose from and find what you like. Each news can be sent to your social networks or e-mailed to friends.

WedPics: Collect Wedding Photos

WedPics iPhone AppDo you plan a wedding or go to a celebration? WedPics helps you collect photos taken by guests in one place where everyone can see them later, and add your own ones. You can add images from the phone and the Web. And you won’t have to use open photo services, fearing that the pictures can be noticed by those people whom you were not going to show them to.

You can use WedPics for other special occasions too, however, the focus on the wedding theme is quite strong there.

Lift: Your Good Habits

Lift iPhone AppThis iPhone application is developed for real perfectionists who want to improve themselves in various fields. The program allows you to keep track of good habits: reading in the evening, drink plenty of water, exercise, run, meditate, and go to a fitness club. Even a prayer and abstinence from carbonated drinks can be found there by default! Next to each class you can see how many people do it regularly just like you.

Your chosen habits will be displayed on the main list page. To make a mark “Run”, just click the checkbox. You can add notes for each task. Then you can see your stats – how often did you do what was planned, and how many times you forgot to open the book before going to bed for example.

Timehop: Remember The Past

Timehop iPhone AppThis program reminds a series “I know what I did last summer.” You can connect your Timehop account with Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, Twitter or Flickr, and the application will show what you did on different days in the past – a year or two ago. So, I found out for example, that two years ago I was preparing for my English test at this moment, and one of my friends was going to buy iPhone 4. Timetop will be the perfect application for those ones who enjoy relaxing and looking back at the most pleasant moments of his life.

No matter what iPhone application you choose next, it will bring you much joy for sure. So, don’t waste your time for searches: now you know which 5 apps to try first.

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