10 Best DIY Resources for Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development resources

Mobile App Development resourcesData based on a research from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project showcases that about 40% of the adults download application to their phones and approximately 75% install on their tablet devices. The other interesting fact reveals that 18% to 20% people out of 2260 adults download six to ten apps throughout an average week while 30% of them download three to five per week as an average.

Mobile users are showing their keen interests towards mobile applications, where small to midsize businesses and enterprises may grab the benefits of this by targeting their maximum audiences through having an engaging mobile presence. Well, you may find a number of resources to kickass your mobile app development. With the means of this blog you may find really helpful do-it-yourself resources focusing on the development of mobile applications. I have listed the best 10 DIY resources that you should ponder upon, for acquiring a huge amount of experience to lay dynamic start for mobile app development.

DIV resource1. Appmakr

This service offers templates for only iOS applications, where you can create an application for free of cost but on a condition of allowing in-app advertisement. For a better option, you can pay a subscription fee costing $79/month for per app.


2. AppExpress

Tagged perfectly for small to medium scale businesses that are looking to create mobile applications for either Android or iOS on the various categories like messaging, appointment scheduling, marketing without coupons, invoice handing and payment acceptance applications. This platform costs $199 as set-up fee (only one time) and continuing the service charge as $75/month.


3. The AppBuilder

This is a great resource that offers application template to get started with simple as well as customized native mobile application for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7. This wonderful service is offered by JamPot Technologies. By using this resource you can get your applications directly submitted to the respective mobile app marketplace such as an Android app to Google Play Market, IOS app to iTunes App Store and Windows based app to the Windows Phone Marketplace. The latest JamPot plans also let you to incorporate WordPress integration, in-app advertisem4ent and HTML5. Using this service you can create as well as preview an application without any cost. But it will cost you a decent amount of $29/month when you will submit it for distribution purpose.


4. Apps Builder

Another wonderful service with an identical name. Well, this service will let you to develop native mobile applications for multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Chrome store, windows phone and HTML5 web at just the basic plan startups that cost $19/month. The DIV (do-it-yourself) app development resource also lets you to update the respective mobile applications using the cloud management platform.


5. iBuildApp

Released in 2010 and since then there is a huge popularity of iBuildApp among mobile app development aspirants. More than 100,000 businesses have used this platform to create wonderful applications for Android, Blackberry, iOS, Symbian and Win Mobile platforms. With viewing the immense popularity of business enthusiasts, the iBuildApp company has launched this platform remotely in late March, where the content can be deleted or updated conveniently. To create an account for publishing a mobile apple (Apple Store) with iBuildApp, you will have to pay $299, which can even vary.


6. LiveCode Mobile

This is a great platform for developing mobile applications for Apple (including desktop apps) and Android operating system. However, you may even acquire a cross platform version of this service at begins at $999. For using commercial version of this software for Android & iOS platform, you have to deposit a price of $499.


7. Magmito for Business, from Sprint

The small to midsize businesses can obtain this mobile app creator to engaging apps using images, text, feedback form, RSS Feeds and even click-to-call features. This platform will cost $99.99 as one-year subscription charges. This cross-platform application is a perfect mode to distribute mobile apps through social media add-on, QR code, app store or even email.


8. BuildAnApp

This platform renders mobile application services for diverse platforms including Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. All the non-iOS mobile apps can be built-up at just a monthly startup plan of $19.


9. Mippin App Factory

The Company serving this tool service promises to assist you in building a mobile application in just five minutes. You can obtain the services of this platform which starts at just $99/year.


10. Swebapps

This platform is only focused for Android or iOS app development support featuring audio file distribution, RSS Feeds, lists and photo galleries. You can obtain this do-it-yourself platform service at $399 (one-time development) plus the hosting service of $29.


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