5 iOS Apps That Can Help in Tracking your Package

TrackThis Package Tracking iOS App

If you are an avid online shopper, you would love ordering products from many online stores. Once you order your item, obsessive calendar watching beings! Days seem too long and delivery date too far. However, you can easily satisfy your curiosity for up-to-the-second notification about your ordered items by using innovative package tracking applications for IPod touch and iPhone.

Let’s have a close look at 5 apps for tracking a package:

Delivery Status Touch (US$2.99)

Delivery Status Touch iOS AppIt is an excellent package tracking application that fully supports more than 25 shipping services such as UPS, FedEx, USPS and DHL. Additionally, the apps also has a built-in tracking for all packages coming from Adobe, Apple, and of course Amazon.

Using this app you can easily track number of packages at one, and the main screen lists each of them at launch properly sorted by a color-coded listing. Once your shipment is nearby, you can even bring up a map and watch the package approach.

Slice (Free)

Slice iOS AppOne of the best apps for tracking a package, nothing comes close to slice. It is one of the best package tracking apps because you won’t have to enter the package tracking number in the apps, because it pulls it automatically from your email inbox and will inform you when your ordered goods are out for delivery.

Slice is also the best package tracker because it doesn’t need any effort on your part. You just have to connect the tracker with your Google or Yahoo! Email account and it will automatically import all your order receipts.

Slice also offers searchable purchase history so that you can see what you’ve bought and when, what it cost you, its return policy, and what the items look like. It is best app for all those who shop frequently and best solution for all those who do not want to manually enter the tracking number in phone.

USPS Mobile (Free)

USPS Mobile iOS AppIt’s a free app that lets you track all your packages sent through the US postal system. To begin tracking, you must replace your shipment tracking number with “nickname”, and watch as progress bar in the apps slides along, representing the progress of the shipment. This apps also lets you find the nearby collection box or post office, search for ZIP codes, and much more.

Track My Shipments+ (Free)

Track My Shipments iOS AppThis one does push notification. As and when there is some change in your package status, you will receive a notification. In this app map also shows the exact location of your package, along with its direction. The best thing about this aps is that it’s part of an online service that actually tracks your shipments. You just have to package forwarding  confirmation mail from 6 main carriers to a specific email address, and then login with this app, and immediately your shipment is in place. There is no need to type your shipping number in the iPhone.

TrackThis Package Tracking ($0.99)

TrackThis Package Tracking iOS AppThis is also one of the best apps for tracking a package, and supports 13 carriers including USPS, UPS, FedEx, TNT, etc. This app also features push notifications and also determines the events that need notification such as “delivered”, or “on-truck for delivery”.

There are 5 apps for tracking a package will definitely feed your obsession for coming 2-3 weeks. So enjoy your time tracking your dream package!

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