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Design a Perfect and Unique Logo
Graphic Design

How to Design a Perfect and Unique Logo?

Are you a designer? If so, you probably have been approached by various companies to design a logo for them. If you have already done some, you will agree that it is not as simple as many people may think....

Graphic Design

10 Key Advantages of 3D Printing

A decade back when 3D printers were still evolving, they offered a very limited range of application areas in terms of size, intricacy and material composition. They were not considered serious enough, and the reason was because of the concept...

Graphic Design

What Makes A Good 2D Platformer?

A 2D platformer game involves characters that are running and jumping around to move past a level made of floating platforms. The following post is focused exclusively on platformers, but the main ideas behind the concept can be applied for...

Logo Design
Graphic Design

7 Points to Avoid While Designing a Logo

One of the most valuable elements of a website is a logo. As it is an iconic depiction of any enterprise, the logo design process must be initiated very carefully. A logo designer must be creative enough for successful implementation...

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