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6 Best Typography Logos the World has Ever Seen


Did you drive your intentions to know the world’s best typographic logos the world has ever seen? High-five! You have landed the most OK page to have all your answers. We have come across the most top 6 fascinating logos that are kept in our daily life, minds, decisions, and communication. The logos dare to showcase the company’s core values with alluring aspects. Let’s break the ice now.


The first in the list of best typographic logos of all time is Netflix. Netflix was introduced in our lives in 1998 and is known as the world’s largest online subscription-based DVD rental service, which has access to 13,500 DVD titles along with more than 850,000 subscribers. The company has designed its logos four times over the years. Later, the revolution raised the company’s growth and generated heavy revenue throughout the journey.

The initial logo has the “90’s image” with the “gradient cinema reel.” In the early initial years, Netflix just grabbed 300,000 users and increased to 600,000 in 2002, with revenue generated from $51 to $54 million.

The next logo was introduced in the new century, “2000,” and placed Netflix as the world’s biggest DVD provider. The logo conveyed the “old cinema theatre pictures.” Netflix hit the bottles and reached up to 4.2 million users in 2005, with revenue earned from $235 million to $255 million.

In 2014, Netflix again changed its logo and chose simplicity by using simple fonts. Last but not least, In 2016, Netflix again changed its logo and came up with only one letter, “N,” later, it started a video animation of its current logo, “N,” in their original Netflix series.


The second best typographic logo reward goes to Cadbury. The gigantic Cadbury is the most audible chocolate company whenever we ever thought about chocolates. The company came across the different variations over time and always stuck with the signatures regarding their logos.

In 1824, the founder John Cadbury came up with a milk chocolate company in Birmingham. Initially, the logo represented the “cocoa tree with the Cadbury name.”

Secondly, In 1921, Cadbury’s logo changes inspired by the director William “Cadbury’s signature.” Moreover, 39 years later, Cadbury showed off their logo on chocolate bars for the first time. The rumors in the air again that Cadbury has intentions to change their logo in 2021 in Australia.


Coca-Cola stands as the third best and creative typographic logo. On 8th May 1886, John Pemberton came up with the beverage company “Coca-Cola” at Jacobs’ Pharmacy in downtown Atlanta. It is the most famous Wordmark logo to date. Coca-Cola is full of diversity and variations regarding its logo and released more than seven logos to date ranging from 1886 till the present.

  • On January 31, 1893, coca-cola released its first logo and showcased the word “Trademark” in the tail of the “C.”
  • 1890-1891 – Coca-Cola introduced the additional “revolving alphabetic” aspects to its logo just for one year.
  • 1941-1960s – Coca-Cola again changed its logo and cut down the word “Trademark” from inside the tails and moved to bottoms of the alphabet “C.”
  • 1947-1960s – Coca-Cola introduced the “Red Disc” logo sign in their advertising and their event embellishing after 1948.
  • 1958-1960s – Coca-Cola again changed its logo and came up with the arch or fish-tailed logo design to utilize that logo in their marketing copies, cartoons, and images.
  • 1969-Current – Coca-Cola introduced the white wave under their logo to make it more creative.
  • 1982-Diet Coke® – The company introduced its “Diet Coke” and the first augmentation of their Coca-Cola Trademark. It also changed the fonts to Slab Serif Font and the bold letters at odds with the white background.
  • 2003-Present –  Company released the yellowish stripes and bubble factors with minor changes over the white waves.
  • 2007– The company again changed its logo “Coca-Cola” sign and made it a little thinner than before.
  • 2011-125 years of happiness – Company celebrated its 125th birthday with the entire journey and changed its logo by showing the bursting bubbles from the open bottle.
  • 2013-2014 – Coca-Cola introduced the “Your name campaign” with the classic font.
  • 2016 -“Taste the Feeling” ― Coca-Cola again changed its logo and tried to inject the life factor and merged the old and the new generation notions.

The current logo reveals the feel and flow of the entire logo journey under various campaigns and changes until the present.


Visa is the most famous company that imparts payment method solutions. According to the list, it is the fourth-best typographic logo. The company has changed its logo many times over the 40 years’ remarkable journey.

  • 1958-1976 – The initial logo represents the plastic card glance with a rounded corner. It was divided into three colors. Blue on top, white in the middle, and yellow on the bottom while writing the “BankAmeriCard” using the San Serif font.
  • 1976-1992 –  The company again changed its logo but never tried to change its font and color combinations. It replaced the word “BankAmeriCard” with the “VISA” to target the more targeted audience except for American boundaries.
  • 1992-2000 – The next logo defined the insertion of “orange color” and changes of the “square corners” with the broad view. It was also having “blue-shaded outlines” and showed the “trademarks.”
  • 2000-2006 –  The next company logo changed the orange color to a “yellowish tinge” and increased the “letter-spacing.” They also came up with removing the tilt variation of “V” and fixed it as straight.
  • 2006-2014 –  The company removed the old plastic card theme and just came up with the letters to dominate the market. Fonts remained the same; still, the “V” corner has been painted yellow to nostalgic the lucid image of California hills.
  • 2014-Present – The company removed the yellow painted “V” and filled the entire logo with blue to feel and broad like a sky and connect the people globally.


Samsung is the most famous electronic company so far. Samsung also has a logo variation record in history. The company came up with four different logos ranging from 1939 to the present.

  • 1939–  The company came up with their first logo that looked like the “Black & White Stamp”. The logo was written in Korean script and had “Three Stars”  to reveal the three sons of the company’s owner.
  • 1969– The company again changed its logo and revealed the company name “Samsung” with San-Serif font in their logo for the first time, along with the three stars. The logo has red and white in colors.
  • 1993– Samsung came up with the new logo ideas. It made a few changes by making the previous logo more broad, prominent, and thicker to merge the technology world.
  • Current– Samsung chose the blue color to show off the solidity, accuracy, and outstanding leadership. The color empowers the corporate culture. Designers also removed the horizontal “A” bar to show some creativity and dynamic company’ factors.


Calvin Klein is the most famous fashion designer from the USA. The company came across the various logos dimensions from time to time. It is also considered the best typographic logo so far.

  • 1968-1975– Company first logo introduced in 1968 written by san-serif most elegant and decent script.
  • 1975-1992– Company changed its logo again just by making slight changes in the previous logo to be more “bold and prominent.”
  • 1992-2017– Calvin Klein again changed its logo slightly by having the exact shape and style of the previous logo. It also introduced its “CK” monogram in the logo as the brand’s signature.
  • 1992-Present– The current logo looks different because the company changed “small letters to capital letters.” The logo seems more dominant, sharp, and attractive than before.

Tip Talk

The most vital wordmark logos always reveal the strongest and creative stories. Logos are the backbones of the brands and have their revolutionary histories. These are the most famous companies and their creative and best typographic logos to date. Some more wordmark logos such as Dell, Uber, SONY, and FedEx also have their histories. I hope these are the best wordmark logos the world has ever seen in their lives.

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