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7 Points to Avoid While Designing a Logo

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Logo DesignOne of the most valuable elements of a website is a logo. As it is an iconic depiction of any enterprise, the logo design process must be initiated very carefully. A logo designer must be creative enough for successful implementation of a logo.

A logo is a high-quality image and considered as an iconic representation of any company. It provides a unique identity to your enterprise and helps you stay out of the crowd. Altogether, your logo must be eye-catching, creative, artistic, and meaningful along with high imagination power. However, some of the logo designers make some blunder during the custom logo design process. Note some basic points to avoid mistakes while undergoing the logo design process:

1. Avoid Copying

Most of the logo designers instead of using their own creativity take inspiration or copy ideas from other sources while crafting a logo. It is not a bad idea but of course an unhealthy practice. As most of the successful brands are a source of inspiration, it is good to generate some ideas but not wise to imitate a logo directly. It lowers down your reputation and result to identity crisis. It is always best to take care of the copyright laws while designing a logo.

2. Avoid Pixel

Though pixels are widely used for designing works, it is not regarded as a perfect method for logo creation. It is because these images cannot be resized easily and hence not compatible with all platforms and devices. Rather emphasize on vector logos that are highly preferable at recent times. In fact, the vector logo design format comprises high resolution and leave long lasting impact on the viewers.

3. Avoid Images From Clipart Gallery

Clipart gallery contains a wide range of logos and images that is too common in use. Hence, as a professional designer try to avoid using the same image as such images have copyright property. Use your creative mind so that your logo is new and unique that can stand out of the crowd and is highly recognizable by all.

4. Avoid Using Multiple Colors

Many novel designers think that incorporating multiple colors in a logo make it look impressive. But, the fact is something else. As per most of the industry experts and professional designers, it is good to use a single or maximum of 2 colors. It often confuses the viewers and not able to convey the right meaning. Your logo must have a universal look most probably with the combination of black and white colors. Again, if the logo is to be affixed with book or stationary, such logos can be easily printed with the same magnificence without even degrading its design.

5. Chose Right Colors

It is extremely significant to choose a few colors for a custom logo design that fully comply with the premise of the organization. In addition, be cautious to grasp the overall approach of the brand that helps to generate right impression in the viewers’ mind and earn admiration. A better color combination makes the logo look impressive, interesting and meaningful.

6. Avoid Complications

Having a creative mind is no doubt the greatest asset of a logo designer. Creating a logo act as an assessment for a designer where he/she shows his entire talent and skills. As per the industry and designing experts, your logo must be simple, interesting, engaging and meaningful one. Maintain simplicity so that more viewers can understand it with ease. It also demonstrates the creative mind and professional knowledge beside right expression.

7. Avoid Multiple Fonts

Texts are essential ingredients of a successful logo design. Some texts are mandatory with the images to convey right meaning. But, be careful and restrictive while selecting the font for a logo. Pick up one or maximum of two fonts to maintain uniformity. Choosing more than one font cause confusion in the minds of the viewers and are not able to know its meaning exactly.

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