Mobile Data Costs

Cut Your Mobile Data Costs 30% – for FREE

Think you need paid apps – to help you manage your data? Think again. There is a host of free apps out there which will do the work for you. There is an almost staggering number of devices in the...


5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Google Pixel 2 Phone

Google has officially announced the launch of the latest smartphone duo earlier last month at an event which took place in San Francisco. The company confirmed that India is the prioritized market for it and Google has also announced the...

Android O

Everything New in Android O Features and Changes

Android O has given a new genre to the existing features adhered by the previous Android version. The journey started in 2008 and has changed the mobile space with a new and advanced technology being added each day to your...


3 Simple Steps To Protect Your iPhone If Lost

Having your phone stolen can be devastating in many ways. Not only are iPhones expensive, but your phone also holds important personal information like pictures and passwords. If your iPhone is stolen, that information can fall into the wrong hands...


Top 5 best earbuds for iPhones

There’s a stiff competition between the brands when the accessories for iPhone products are in question. People really like them, and for a good reason too – they excel in quality, reliability, and functionality. Finding the perfect pair of earbuds...


Top 5 Latest and Best Smartphone in India

This is the time when the competition is very high in the mobile market. Every company is launching the new smart phones and you can see a new smart phone in the market daily. If you want to buy the...

Samsung Galaxy S7

5 Reasons the Galaxy S7 Is the Best Smartphone

Right now, you can't toss a virtual rock without hitting a glowing review of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. So you probably already know about this phone's top level specs, the return of features sorely missed and...

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