3 Simple Steps To Protect Your iPhone If Lost


Having your phone stolen can be devastating in many ways. Not only are iPhones expensive, but your phone also holds important personal information like pictures and passwords. If your iPhone is stolen, that information can fall into the wrong hands and you can even have your accounts hacked. Fortunately, there are ways that you can protect your personal information, and even recover your phone using the Find My iPhone App. Here are a few useful tips to help lost iPhones with the Find My Phone App:

1. Activate Lost Mode

You can activate lost mode on your Find My Phone App by signing in to iCloud on any Mac or PC. Once you’ve activated the mode, your phone will not only send you a location but also allow you to lock certain apps such as Apple Pay, to help stop the perpetrators from hacking your information.

2. Wipe Your Data

Most iPhones allow you to remotely wipe your data to help keep your financial information from falling into the wrong hands. If you bank, use Paypal or even have email on your phone, this should be a priority because while Apply Pay will lock, these other apps that store your information may still be accessible.

3. Contact the Authorities

Once you have your phone’s location, you can contact the local authorities and request assistance in retrieving your stolen phone. While it may be tempting to retrieve the item on your own, this is usually not the wisest course of action. If someone is willing to steal from you, they are likely willing to hurt you.

When your phone is threatened, it is best to be prepared. By downloading the app and being vigilant about your phone’s location, you can keep your iPhone and your personal information safe.

Even you can download the most necessary iOS app at the iPhone Accessories Store for most devices – if you have trouble, stop in at an Apple store or Apple premier partner store and ask for assistance.

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