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3 Simple Steps To Protect Your iPhone If Lost

Having your phone stolen can be devastating in many ways. Not only are iPhones expensive, but your phone also holds important personal information like pictures and passwords. If your iPhone is stolen, that information can fall into the wrong hands...


Top 5 best earbuds for iPhones

There’s a stiff competition between the brands when the accessories for iPhone products are in question. People really like them, and for a good reason too – they excel in quality, reliability, and functionality. Finding the perfect pair of earbuds...


How To Fix a Waterlogged iPhone!

iPhones don't come cheap yet it's amazing the frequency that they are damaged or destroyed by being dropped into water. It doesn't matter if it's the bathtub, the sea or the sink - the simple fact is that unless you...

SIRI iPhone

See! How SIRI Made iPhone A Magical Thing

Well, devices from Apple have always been a source of amazement and innovation for electronics world. Companies take inspiration from this Cupertino based electronics giant company. At here, we are going to explore a breakthrough, which turned late Steve Jobs...

Air Print for iPhone

Key Steps to Print Using Your iPhone

Can you believe if I say that your iPhone would act as a printer? Yes, it is possible. The aim of this article is to give you a better guidance about printing the datum from your iPhone using mobile app....

Cydia Sources

How to Use Cydia, the Third Party App Store

While Apple has the App Store, jailbreakers have Cydia Store, the third party app store. However, if we speak in historical terms, Cydia was actually the first App Store revealed to the public. It was available to use since the...


Top 5 Apps to Block Calls on iPhone

Telemarketers, cold callers and unwanted people ringing you on your iPhone can be really annoying. There is a way that you can stop this from happening however and this is by blocking certain numbers using various iPhone applications. This should...

Damage to iPhone

4 Tips for Preventing Damage to Your iPhone

Buying an iPhone is considered one of the most expensive investments in the mobile world. However, you may also acquire one through lotteries or as a gift from a friend or your parents. Nevertheless, protecting such a gadget is very...


6 Useful SEO iOS Apps for iPhone and iPad Devices

The iPhone and iPad always known to have a special appeal among the tech savvy consumers who know the importance of combining technology with work and getting the maximum benefits therein. iPhone and iPad have amazingly special features that make...

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