Key Steps to Print Using Your iPhone

Air Print for iPhone

Can you believe if I say that your iPhone would act as a printer? Yes, it is possible. The aim of this article is to give you a better guidance about printing the datum from your iPhone using mobile app. This is probable with the help of Mobile application development.

The evolution of mobile application has made this world small by it’s features. One among such implementation is “Air Print”. This option enables your phone to print the data in the iPhone without the help of any external drives. In earlier days we depend on full-fledged computer to get the printed format of data. However it’s time to say bye to these steps. All you need is an iPhone with Air Print enabled apps in it and a printer.

Air Print for iPhoneLet’s have brief information on how to print data from your iPhone using Air Print enabled apps.

Below are the steps that would guide you in using Air Print:

Air Print helps you in getting the printed data with high quality in simple and ease steps. This feature completely reduces the complexity of work. The additional feature is that the app works in all models of iPhone. No needs to concern about the model of the iPhone you have. Other than iPhone you can also use iPad, iPod and get the benefits.

Here, the steps in using Air Print enabled apps:

Move 1:

Wi-Fi connectivity:

Air Print iPhoneWi-Fi acts as a medium between your iPhone and the printer. By connecting your iPhone and printer by means of Wi-Fi the Air print app can be enabled. It is to be noted that depending upon your printer functionality the connectivity has to be done, as there might be a number of network connections in your place and this step turns on the Air Print function. Your Printer manual would have the complete information on its functionality.

Move 2:

Selection of Printer:

iPhone Printer OptionFrom the very beginning I am using the term Air print enabled apps. You may have question on what it is. In simple, apps like Mail, Safari, and Ever note are Air Print enabled apps. Now we need to confirm whether the connectivity process is done. For that follow the simple step, apps relating your email account will mostly have the option of reply or forward the email. Just tap that icon and select the printer option, your phone will display the printer device connected to it.

Move 3:

Select the number of copies to print:

Next, you will need to select the number of copies you need to take print. This option would be visible as arrow icon. Tap it to add or subtract the number of copies. This advantage here is that you can take up-to a maximum of 99 copies at a time.

Move 4:


This is the last stage of this process. Once you have selected the number of copies of prints, click the print button and get the output. While the process is going on, you can still move onto the home page and continue your work. Check the status of the printing process by the printer summary result in the multitasking bar.


Mobile application development is ruining the world of technology. Also it reduces our work burden by means of its application. We have a number of mobile apps that are effective in business aspect and serve us at greater extent. Air Print app is one among those kinds of apps.

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