Top 5 Strongest Built Cellphones


When I say the strongest built Cellphones, I won’t be going into those cellphones that are specifically made in that way. That would be too easy and many of us would not have even heard most of their names. Apart from a well built rugged body, the phones in the list below will have some awesome specs, smooth overall performance, good value of money and a bucketful of features.

So here we go…

5. Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920Nokia Lumia 920 is the flagship smartphone from Nokia using the Windows Phone 8 platform, and it is also one muscular piece of tech. This phone has gorilla glass 2 as the screen, a unibody design which adds up to its ruggedness, and a sleek build. When Corning introduced the 0.7mm thin gorilla glass, it was one of the strongest materials to be used as the screen for phones, and it still is. Gorilla glass 2 is an even thinner sheet but still maintains the strength. Now this means a normal drop or two most likely won’t bring out those ugly cracks on the screen of your Lumia 920. And at 180 grams, it does pack in a rock solid bulk and we are not complaining at all.

4. Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia ZThis recent entry in the popular Xperia Series of Sony smartphones has been creating a huge buzz all around since its release. Why? Because apart from all the obvious reasons a high end smartphone can dish out, if this phone gets all dirty and stuff, no problem. Using a piece of cloth to rub off the dirt is too old school; you can actually wash it off using water. Splash! Splash! And there you go! Yes, this phone is entirely waterproof, and gone are the days when an accidental fall in water would simply kill your phone. And it doesn’t end there. It also has the benchmark gorilla glass 2 for the screen, and an overall sleek body design that adds to its compactness. Now bring in those much talked about specs and you get a neatly built phone with amazing features.

3. HTC one X

HTC one XApart from those awesome features and specs this smartphone has to offer, it’s the compact design and solid built that gets HTC one X a 3rd position in this list. One X has a unibody frame rigged out of aluminium. Unibody aluminium guarantees for a strong built design. This mean one X can and pretty much does bear the brunt of occasional falls. And its ruggedness does not end there. One X also features gorilla glass 2 as its screen. Sometimes after its international release, a video came out on YouTube in which this guy uses one X to hammer down a nail into a piece of wood. Now I would never do that to my phone, but yes, One X is pretty can pack a wallop indeed.

2. Oppo Find 5

Oppo Find 5This hunk of a smartphone, an international product of Oppo, has been getting rave reviews all around the world. And its high quality built and sleek design has been one of the main reasons for that. I would go as far as to say that, at present, this is the best smartphone you can buy in the sturdy built section. If you want a top notch feature smartphone with an armor body frame, this is your tech, hands down. Oppo Find 5 has a frame made up of steel. Yes, you read that right. STEEL!

And its screen is also made up of the benchmark gorilla glass 2. At 160 gm and 8 mm of thickness, it weighs a little less than the Lumia 920, but still gives that compact feel when you are holding it. All in all, if anyone ever needs a tank of smartphones, Oppo Find 5 pretty much it offers it to them.

1. Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310I know earlier I said cellphones in this list would pack in some awesome specs, and features and all that. But when you make a list of best built cellphones, you put in the Nokia 3310 on it, right there on the top. Anything less is like committing an egregious technological sin. This phone came out in 2000, and had pretty much those average specs that came with pretty much every cell of those times. It was a basic device to make a call or to send a message, because that’s what a phone was supposed to do back then. It came with a 1000 mAh battery that seem to last for months.

And now comes the beastly part. This phone is so well built that you simply cannot get rid of one. After all these years, they are still functional. There are videos all over the internet where guys are whamming this phone all around the place, or dropping it from unbelievable heights, or beating it down by a sledgehammer! This chunk of tech survives them all. The entire shell of Nokia 3310 might pop off when it has to bear such tests, but no problem, you simply connect is back together & it is still functional. Nokia indeed nailed it in the built quality with this phone.

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