4 Tips for Preventing Damage to Your iPhone

Damage to iPhone

Damage to iPhoneBuying an iPhone is considered one of the most expensive investments in the mobile world. However, you may also acquire one through lotteries or as a gift from a friend or your parents. Nevertheless, protecting such a gadget is very important as it serves to prevent damages. It is important for you to know that an iPhone is not just some kind of a cheap smartphone you can buy and repair or replace at any time without incurring huge expenses. In fact, when your iPhone gets damaged as a result of scratches and accidental drops, repairing or replacing it is a very expensive venture.

However, majority of people have shown much interest in protecting their iPhones but they are not fully aware of some existing ways to do so. To help you in achieving this endeavor, here are 4 tips for preventing damage to your iPhone.

Tip #1: Purchase a good quality iPhone case

This is one of the most obvious ways of protecting your most precious device, iPhone. There is a multitude of iPhone cases available in the market but what matters is for you choose the best quality if you really want to prevent damage to your iPhone. Several manufactures have ventured in producing different brands of high quality iPhone cases which offer firm grip on your phone hence help in preventing accidental drops.

Most of these cases are also decorated with beautiful colors, designs and have smooth surfaces thus adding aesthetic value to your phone. Materials used in the manufacture of good quality cases include rubber and silicon. You may consider some popular case brands like Otter Box, iSkin or Speck.

Tip #2: Get a scratch-resistant screen protector

Your iPhone’s screen is one of the most delicate and very expensive parts to replace in case of an external damage. Even if you have a good quality iPhone casing, this doesn’t prevent it from the inevitable face-down fall which causes scratch or even worse breaking of the screen. You can save yourself the hassle of replacing your damaged screen by getting a scratch-resistant screen protector for your iPhone. Applying a screen protector is very easy; you can do it at your own or by visiting any trustworthy mobile phone accessory shop.

Tip # 3: Treat your iPhone like a delicate package

As mentioned earlier, your iPhone is the most delicate gadget because it has a full-touch integrated screen. However, even if you have taken the best steps to protect your iPhone from scratch and accidental face-down drops, it doesn’t mean that you are assured of protection from all causes of damage. For instance, you can cause damage to your iPhone’s headphone jack by yanking or quick-disconnecting your headphone cable from your device. It is therefore recommended that you should disconnect your headphone cable slowly to avoid damage to your iPhone’s headphone jack.

Tip #4: Check your pockets to ensure that they are empty before you do the laundry

This is one of the most ignored tips for preventing damage to your iPhone, especially by water and other liquids. Damages caused by liquids are in most cases very severe and you may even lose your expensive treasure. Check your pockets keenly before laundry to avoid soaking your iPhone.

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