Top 5 Apps to Block Calls on iPhone


Telemarketers, cold callers and unwanted people ringing you on your iPhone can be really annoying. There is a way that you can stop this from happening however and this is by blocking certain numbers using various iPhone applications. This should make your life much easier and give them nuisance callers the slip once and for all.

Call Block – Stop Telemarketers

This app is very useful and it specifically targets telemarketers who just won’t take no for an answer. This iPhone app has over 6000 numbers of telemarketers stored in it’s information database and will block them all for you, result! The numbers are updated regularly too so hopefully that annoying number that keeps calling will be stored in their database and it will stop your problem.

Do Not Call

Do Not Call iPhone AppYou will easily be able to use the ‘Do Not Call’ app, permitting that if you live in the United States. It is actually linked to the US Government and it allows you to block calls from certain phone numbers. You can enter the number of the telemarketer that you don’t want to call you and it will be blocked. Any violations can be reported via the app and they will subsequently be dealt with.

Hide a Caller

This is not so much a number blocker app but a number hider, which can come handy if you are being watched by prying eyes. You can stop certain numbers being shown anywhere on your iPhone and even create aliases for those numbers. You will still be able to receive calls, text etc. from the secret callers that you have hidden, but their information will be under the fake name of your choice.

The Bad Decision Blocker

The Bad Decision BlockerIf you make bad calling decisions, maybe when you are intoxicated or feeling vulnerable for example – then this is the app for you! This application blocks YOU from making certain calls, you will be grateful for this help in the long term. You can limit your urge to speak with your ex, love interest or even your boss by blocking any outgoing contact with them numbers. They will still be allowed to contact you but by stopping yourself from contacting them, it will make sure that you avoid any embarrassing late night phone calls. We all make stupid calls from time to time so downloading this app for your iPhone will be an effective source of damage control.


This app definitely earns its place on applications to block calls on iPhone because it has several useful features. It allows you to enter phone numbers of those you want to block, which will be put into immediate action. It evens allows you to hide messages from certain numbers that you want to be kept private. If your child uses your iPhone or has their own, this app would be useful because it has parental settings that allow you to block any outgoing calls. You can set up auto reply for text messages which can also be a feature worth using.

I hope this list of the top applications to block calls on iPhone has helped you to see that who calls you and who you call, is completely in your hands.

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