Top 5 Reasons To Dump iPhone 5 For HTC One

HTC One Design

Apple iPhone5;Apple no longer has a strangle-hold on the Smartphone market. They have given up ground to Android-based phones that offer all the features that people clamor for. Even Apple’s upgrade to a larger screen size with the roll out of the iPhone 5 was met with a tepid response from consumers. Poor sales of the iPhone 5 have driven Apple stock down more than 30% from its high just a year ago. While Apple delivers what they think you want, the HTC One actually delivers what you want. Here are 5 reasons to dump the iPhone 5 and switch over to the big and beautiful HTC One.

Size Matters

In addition to its sleek carbon-aluminum casing and rounded smooth edges, the HTC One is just big. The iPhone 5 uses a 4-inch, 640 by 1136 pixel display, whereas the HTC One boasts a 4.7-inch 1080p HD screen. The HTC One sports an unheard of 468 pixels per inch (PPI) on its 4.7 inch HD display. The resolution exceeds Apple’s Retina Display. Without a doubt, the size advantage and higher resolution of the HTC One will make it a must-have for smartphone enthusiasts.


HTC One DesignThere is not another smartphone on the market that has the sleek and polished look of the HTC One. Its elegant industrial design, rounded edges, expansive screen, carbon-fiber full metal casing, and zero-gap construction stand in stark comparison to the boxy, outdated feel of the iPhone 5.

Sound Quality

HTC BoomSound technology on the HTC One delivers unparalleled sound quality for a mobile phone. The stereo speakers, with built-in amplifiers and studio-quality Beats Audio, deliver rich, clear sound. You may actually find yourself turning the volume down as opposed to struggling to hear. The clear, dynamic speakers make audio and phone conversations crystal clear. Plug in headphones and enjoy the sound even more. The sound quality of the HTC One is light years ahead of the audio output on the iPhone 5.

It’s an Android

We’ve all heard of the troubles that Apple has had with their latest iOS 6.0 software release; from the inoperable Apple Maps app to the inexplicable Wi-Fi issues that required a software patch just so users could connect via Wi-Fi. The HTC One operates on the Android platform with the 4.1.2 Jelly Bean software, providing lighting fast performance and intuitive layouts like the streaming BlinkFeed.

Feeds vs. Apps

The HTC One’s BlinkFeed interface means you have immediate access to the news and feeds you want right when you turn the phone on. All of your content is streamed live, to your home screen. You control what’s displayed and you don’t have to cycle through several apps to get all your Twitter, Facebook and news updates. They are neatly displayed in tiles for easy viewing. Another hands-down win over the iPhone 5.
HTC One Camera
When you factor all of the above into your search for a new smartphone, and then also consider the expandable memory, 2.1 MP front-facing camera, and the full HD video capability, it’s easy to see why you need to dump the iPhone 5 for the new HTC One.

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