15 Things You Must Know Before Switching from Android to iOS

from Android to iOS

Are you really in a mood to switch to iOS from Android? If so, then this article will help you understand and know the best uses of iPhone over Android. You will know the best way to transfer all your contacts, music, photos, and videos and move to iOS and find equivalent services on iOS to level the things you are leaving behind. You will also learn why to Let’s get started!

2016 brings a lot of latest devices such as Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, One Plus 3, and other smartphones that offer tough competition to Apple. However, there are still points where iOS is simply the best. It does better and delivers superb user experience as compared to android.

Things you are leaving behind, yet you won’t miss

Since you have made up your mind to quit Android, there are certain things you cannot take with you. From your phone case to the dock, no accessory is going to be compatible with your new iOS mobile. But if are use Bluetooth, it will work fine with the iPhone. Most docks and speaker accessories have iOS compatibility as standard. Even if you are using the old headphones with android, they will just work perfectly with iPhone.

It is obvious that you cannot take your Android apps along, but you will eventually get more options from Apple store. So, it will not be a harder thing for you to wave goodbye to your android and welcome iOS device. You won’t be able to customise home screen in android, but that’s okay because you anyway want to use iPhone. So, you can sell your old android as you need a good budget to get an iPhone.

Contacts transfer

Contacts are important and we just look blank if we lost our mobile somewhere as it holds all our contacts that won’t be coming back! And if you want to switch to iOS and take your android contacts with you, there are many ways to do that. You can transfer your contacts to iPhone from android.

  • Sign into iCloud and use it for saving and transferring your contacts
  • Sign into Google and transfer with Google contacts

Transferring videos, images, and music data

You can backup you precious memories reside in your android mobile. You can backup, speed up and clean up your smartphone by following expert guide.

Transferring your text messages

This is painstaking to leave behind your old text messages while switching to a new smartphone. Most of them seem useless to you, but some are special messages that you want to keep. Apple offers a straight app Move to iOS that will help in transferring your contacts, photos, messages, mail accounts, and other data that you want to keep.

Major reasons to switch to iPhone

  1. iOS apps are original and have UI

Almost every popular application is available on both platforms, yet there are top games and applications that still first release on iOS platform. When apps are available on both iOs and android, users still like the iOS interface than the android.

Take an instance of Siri, the personal assistant of iOS users is a worldwide famous application. Siri application is not available on android.

  1. iPhone offers swift updates for all

iPhone users seem themselves lucky as they enjoy swift and regular updates for the iPhone regardless of the carrier they use. This fast update is unavailable in android because android updates take months to come on all its devices.

Apple provides iOS updates to three years old devices that are in use.

  1. Data flow is easy and smooth in iOS devices

If you use an iPad, iPhone, and Mac, you will see your information will flow smoothly from one device to another. You can easily sync photos to all of your iOS devices, answer a call on your Mac or iPad and send texts using your other devices. iOS also offers support for Handoff that enables users to start a task on your iPhone and continue working on your Mac and iPad.

It is the connectivity between these devices that cannot be beaten by Android unless it takes help of third party applications and services to arrange a similar feature.

You can share a file from your iPhone to your Mac easily in no time using AirDrop. This built-in service allows users to send the file wirelessly directly to the Mac, even if there is no Wi-Fi connectivity.

  1. Exclusive Applecare+ iPhone warranty

Apple offers iPhone warranty for $99 to $129 that extends the years of manufacturer’s warranty to two. It adds two years of accidental damage coverage and support in store or by phone. This is AppleCare+ and users need to buy it. This warranty is missing in the case of Android smartphones.

There are companies like HTC that offers a free one-year UhOh protection that covers water damage, cracked screen, or carrier switch. Samsung provides Galaxy warranty program for its Galaxy series including S5, S6, S7, S7 Edge, and Note 4 for $99 and $129 as per the model.

This is similar to AppleCare+, but android users cannot take their handset to the store for a replacement. The user can avail next business day replacement shipping once the claim is approved.

  1. Resell value is a big bet in iOS

The resell value of an iPhone is better than android. If you sell your 2 years old smartphone, you won’t get enough from the sale. It is because there will be limited buyers for your smartphone and if you get any, no one will going to pay you the expected price.

iPhone users are widespread. You can easily get the buyer of your phone in the market who can give you the right amount.

  1. Sharing with other iOS devices is easy

If your friends have iPhone and you have an android, it is not possible to share any file. But if you also own an iPhone, you can simply share images, link, or file with AirDrop.

Android users need to install more apps. To escape from downloading numerous iOS apps to maintain the same level of sharing, you can switch to iPhone.

  1. No carrier bundled apps

When you buy an iPhone, there are zero extra carrier apps installed to it. However, this story is not the same in the case of an android smartphone. Android phones have dozen carrier-branded apps and there are chances you will see numerous useless apps that someones paid the carrier to install.

Many times you can only disable the applications because uninstall option is not available. This means such apps will remain in your smartphone and eat up space. It is still fine if you don’t feel pain by deleting Candy Crush and VZ Navigator.

  1. Lightning is much better than micro USB

Apple applies a reversible Lightning cable to charge and sync the iOS device. Lightning is premium and better than Micro USB cable that maximum phones use to charge and sync.

  1. Apple Stores and the support

When something went wrong or you accidentally break your phone and search for a fast replacement, you visit Apple store. Straightly! Apple store can resolve the problem in your iOs device in just a few hours. You don’t have to wait for a day or weeks to get the bug fixed.

  1. Easy to use devices

We won’t say that using android is painstaking, but iPhone and iOS devices are better in ease of use and beat the Android.

  1. Headphone controls

Everyone loves music and you too. If you constantly need to control the music you are listening to, iOS offers an extra benefit to its users. The headphones can control several aspects of playback.

Most of the iPhone headphones and third-party ones can play, pause, skip forward or back the track. Users having iOS devices can control volume with the up and down buttons on the headphone.

  1. Facetime audio, FaceTime and iMessage

The convenience of communicating with people having iOS devices is unbeatable. Apple makes it easier for people to interact with other iOS users with a trio of services – Facetime, FaceTime audio and iMessage.

  1. Sharing apps, movies, music, and more with an ease

iOS 10 has Family Sharing feature that lets users share apps, movies, music, calendars, and books easily. Through this service, anyone in your family can access the items you purchase and you don’t need to re-buy the app or product again.

  1. Better control of notifications

The way iOS users manage notifications is just commendable. Android simplifies the task of clearing your notifications, but people having great taste still prefer Apple’s separation of notifications, options, and new offerings.

  1. Storage use and carrier options

Regardless of your carrier, you can avail the same colour phone as any other main carrier and the same storage options.

Now you know why you need to switch your android phone to an iOS smartphone. A lot more people want to read your thoughts about iOS and android devices, share your comments with them.

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