New Features of iPhone 6 Are Now Disclosed


iPhone 6 appleWith iPhone 5s only about 6 months old, there have been rumors that iPhone 6 will make its debut towards the end of this year. Sources from Apple Company even suggest that we may have this highly anticipated smartphone as early as September. Well, the new features of iPhone 6 are now disclosed and for sure they will leave us all buzzing. It will be an updated model of the previous version of iPhone 5s and it will incorporate an amazing display, impressive design and performance. So, let’s take a look at the features this smartphone will have in store for us.


This smartphone is expected to come with a 4.7-inch display, which is bigger than the previous iPhone 5s’ 4-inch. It has also been leaked that it will have a higher resolution ultra-retina screen of 960×1704. This means that your experience to watch videos or take photos will greatly be enhanced.

Apart from the big screen display, this smartphone will also include the high-end technology of sapphire display. This will enable it to be a lot more durable and touch sensitive as compared to the previous versions.


Due to its larger screen of 4.7 inch, iPhone 6 will obviously come with a larger handset. However, it will be noticeably thicker and a lot lighter. It’s expected to have a 5.58mm thickness and more rounded edges, features that perhaps have been made to enable you to hold it more comfortably in your hand.


The performance of a smartphone is what determines whether it will cause hype or not. Well, with this next-generation device, every smartphone lover will appreciate its fastness and improved battery life. To be more specific, it will feature a 2.6Ghz Apple A8 chip, which is definitely more than twice fast than its predecessor. The battery life is also something worth noting. Now you will be able to browse all day long, enjoy various features including taking photos without the worry of recharging.

Operating system

It has been confirmed that the new devices to be released by Apple come September this year will operate on the new iOS 8, a new Apple’s operating system. This OS will introduce a handful of new and improved features just to offer a great experience to its users. It will incorporate revamped notification features, new health tracking application, and support for third-part keyboards.


If you ask any Apple smartphone enthusiast, they will tell you that taking crisp clear pictures is one of the key features they love about their devices. Apple has kept this in mind and now the iPhone 6 will come with a camera with higher megapixel and bigger aperture size. It will support 8-mega pixel, improved camera size that’s able to take crisp photos and save them.

Although it is expected to be released early September this year, new features of iPhone 6 are now disclosed and available all over the net. It will be a device that will leave everyone talking. It’s expected to incorporate better features than its predecessors and operate on iOS 8 operating system. You will now be able to enjoy fast performance and crisp pictures thanks to its improved camera.

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