Macbook Pro Top Accessories


Personal computing has become sleeker, brighter, but most importantly, user-friendly. More than ever before, MacBook Pro users are treated to a wonderful piece of technology that is capable of meeting their demands and possibly, surpass them. If you own a MacBook Pro, then you probably are on top of the height, literally speaking. However, to keep your Mac handy and working, you need to have these latest MacBook Pro accessories.

MacBook Pro Apple Magic Mouse

The MacBook magic mouse is just an outstanding accessory to have if you are a MacBook owner. It is the world’s first multi-touch mouse with outstanding features. With a multi-touch seamless surface, this mouse is more accurate, sensitive and responsive than ordinary mouses. Thanks to its wireless bluetooth technology, the mouse connects with you Mac without involving wires and adapters.

Apple Magic Golden Mouse

Apple Wireless Keyboard

Apple Wireless KeyboardDepending on your office set up and necessity, you may need an extra keyboard to make things work. Just like most other Apple products, the MacBook Wireless Keyboard is just sexy, trendy and glorious, to say the least. With bluetooth connection, you can enjoy limitless wireless typing from the comfort of your couch. Besides that, it also takes less space on the board, if you have decided to work from your desk.

ZAGG Invisible Shield

ZAGG Invisible Shield MacBookArguably one of the outstanding MacBook accessories, the Invisible Shield from ZAGG makes your Mac immune to scratches and other abrasions. It is made using the latest technology to ensure your valued gadget remains as new as the day you bought it.

Clearcal Matte Screen Protector

Clearcal Matte Screen Protector MacBookVisibility is very important when working on a MacBook. But what about if you are working outdoors or in extra light? Well, this is where ClearCal Matte Screen Protector comes into play. With this outstanding accessory, you can enjoy working on your Mac even at extra sunlight. Remember, laptops are designed for indoor use. However, ClearCal Screen Protector gives you freedom to work anywhere.

MacBook Pro Keyboard Cover

MacBook Pro Keyboard CoverThis accessory is specially designed to protect your Mac keyboard from foreign bodies. Made using advanced technology, it keeps your keyboard safe from dust, water, debris and other harmful materials. Besides being soft and smooth to the touch, it also leaves your keyboard visible, making your work uninterrupted.

Apple Thunderbolt Display

This amazing accessory not only gives you more pixels, but more possibilities as well. With Apple Thunderbolt Display, you can enjoy unparalleled and brilliant viewing experience. The accessory comes with a connector to enable you power and charge your Mac at the same time. You can also tilt the display to enjoy the best viewing.

Thunderbolt Display Mac

Cooling Pads

Cooling Pads MacBook ProWith extensive use, a laptop is bound to get hot, and a MacBook Pro is no exception. However, thanks to these stylish cooling pads, you can keep your MacBook cool to enable you enjoy working for extended periods of time.

There is no denying that Apple has gone a notch higher in making smart devices, and the MacBook Pro is a true testimony of this. The above accessories are a true statement of bold innovation and creativity. With these outstanding accessories, your MacBook Pro experience will never remain the same.

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