2 Distinctive Internet Security Programs for Absolute Protection

Norton Internet Security

Internet is surely one of the biggest and the best source of entertainment, information, business, social connections etc. and besides all that, it is also known to be one of the biggest sources of viruses, malware, spyware, Trojan horses etc. Without internet security programs, you are surely bound to fell a prey to any of these viruses and malicious programs, as these viruses are designed to hit the network computers that are online without any kind of protection. Besides just corrupting the data, they also steal very precious set of information from your computer system, hence the need of internet security programs is surely at its peak, and it is the utmost need of time that one should go with internet security programs if they are willing to avoid any such mishap.

In the following lines you will get to know about 2 of the best internet security programs that offers you absolute protection, these include:

Norton Internet Security:

Norton Internet SecurityNorton Internet Security is known to be one of the biggest and the best name in internet security, as it not only protects you from different types of viruses and malwares, but it also provides you protection from Phishing specially when browsing over the internet. Norton Internet security has almost similar features as of Norton Antivirus, but it is more towards from Phishing protection, hence allowing you to browse over any of your desired social networks without worry about anything!

Following are some of the characteristics of Norton Internet Security program:

  • Marked as Number 1 internet security provider of 2013.
  • Provides absolute protection against every kind of online threats.
  • You can subscribe to its yearly service at the price of $70.00, which is surely very high, and this is the reason why it is only suitable for corporations or for the companies that comprises sensitive data.
  • Comes up with four different types of smart layers, which detects and eliminates every kind of threat before they even reach your computer.
  • 3 different technical channels, in order to provide you with extensive support.
  • Norton Internet Security program provides up to 8 different kinds of protection.

Web Root Internet Security:

Web Root Internet SecurityAfter Norton Internet Security, Web Root Internet Security is known to be another best internet security program of 2013. It is surely perfect for anyone who is working with a low system configuration as it is the lightest internet security provider and is considered to be ideal for virus and spyware protection.  Following are some of the characteristics of Web Root Internet Security software.

  • It costs $40.00 for 1 year subscription, which is known to be almost average cost of Internet Security software.
  • Ideal for people having low system configuration, as it is lighter and faster and doesn’t affect your processing speed.
  • Faster and smaller updates, means lesser bandwidth usage.
  • Do not conflict with other applications and neither has it interrupted you during your work.
  • It’s highly efficient system Identifies and protects all the new threats and is not dependent upon any kind of security updates.
  • It offers 12 different types of protection, hence allowing you to be absolutely safe from both online and offline threats.
  • It offers five different support channels for a conflict free technical support; hence you don’t need to wait in a queue in order to resolve your issues.
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