Keeping Your Kids Safe in Cyber Space


Kids Safe in Cyber SpaceThe world is a big place to a child, and the Internet is an even bigger one as young children have access to anything at any time with a few simple keystrokes. There is a time and a place to learn about the unsavory things in life, but childhood is not that time. As parents, having kids who are free to explore the Internet can cause a great degree of worry. Also, witch Internet crimes and online child predators on the rise, parents have even more to be concerned about. But thanks to mac keylogger recording software and other programs like it, parents can have peace of mind knowing that their child is following the Internet guidelines placed upon them.

Keeping your child free from predators

Unfortunately there are some sick people in this world, and computers make it easy for them to deceive children.  Here are some known statistics that parents need to be aware of:

  1. 93 percent of all Americans aged 12 to 17 are regular online users
  2. 1 in 5 US teens report that unwanted sexual advances were made to them online
  3. 30 percent of sexual Internet exploitation victims are boys
  4. 75 percent of children are willing to share personal information in exchange for goods and services

There are over 650,000 registered sex offenders in America.
Parents can tell their kids what to do and what to avoid online. But sometimes this isn’t enough. Often kids will get curious and will disobey their parents out of curiosity or due to peer pressure. However, when kids see that little icon on the screen letting them know that mom and dad are watching, they will think twice before talking to strangers. And if they do engage in a chat with a predator, parents will be able to pull up the conversation, discipline their child appropriately, and send the information to local law enforcement.

Following the law

You may not be aware of it, but it can be easy for a child to break certain laws while being online without even knowing it. Many view the downloading of free music equivalent to walking into a store and taking a CD without paying for it. It is illegal, but due to the high volume of illegal music downloads, this law is seldom enforced.
Bullying is another Internet crime that has gained massive attention over the past few years. CNN covered a story on the Sandy Hook School shootings in which they report the shooter was often bullied when he was a student. Kids who are bullied can either retaliate by hurting others, or they can even hurt themselves. In an article published by ‘DNA’, the author reports that Facebook stands up to bullying and has a zero-tolerance policy. This was announced after thousands of reports flooded into headquarters about how kids are being humiliated and taunted.

If parents have a way to monitor their child’s online activities, they can better protect their kids from being harassed, or stop them from harassing other children. In today’s day and age every parent and guardian in every household should utilize a system to monitor their child’s online activities. It is a safety precaution that, sadly, society has proven that parents need in order to help protect their kids.

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