Print Like A Professional: Optimize The Potential Of Your Inkjet Cartridges

Pantone colour chart

The ink cartridge is a classic mechanism that broke the barriers of the printing process. What was initially only available for use in large printing houses and publications is now staple equipment in every household. Printing machines back in the day were massive! Not to mention they looked like something out of a medieval torture chamber. The procedure that went into printing was painstakingly lengthy and not very easy to pick up on. Fast forward through varying stages of modernizing the printer and we are now at a platform where printers are compact, highly efficient and extremely swift.

What goes into the construction of an ink cartridge?

The brain of the cartridge is an electronic chip that passes on information to the printer, which it obtains from the central processing unit of course. The cartridge has reservoirs that hold the ink. Generally a thermal plate is used to heat the substance, ultimately condensing into the ink that’s gets imprinted on the paper. Most companies manufacture ink cartridges that are specific to the type of printer used, trying to mix and match cartridges could render them useless or could even damage the printer.

Pantone charts and how it could help you save big on cost

Pantone colour chart Not everyone is aware of what pantone charts are and how they could substantially minimize the costs of printing. Pantone provides an array of colors that help you easily differentiate between tones and shades. Most of us do not realize what we see on our computer screens isn’t necessarily what we get. The brightness, contract and other screen setting don’t enable us to see the true color of the image. What ends up happening is countless test print outs in order to get the color just right.

We know ink cartridges are not cheap, and this tiresome process exhausts both the ink and funds gone into purchasing that cartridge. All printers have inbuilt setting that display pantone colors. All you need to do is choose a color from the physical chart and then apply that exact color code into the print settings and voila! You get the precise shade and tone of color with no hassle or frustration of wanting to smash your printer down on the floor.

Prolonging the life of your inkjet cartridge:

Contrary to popular beliefs, inkjet cartridges can yield a high quantity of good quality prints. Like all equipments, a little extra care can go a long way in preventing wastage of good ink. The print preview option isn’t just for show. Switch the position of objects and text around to give you more data per page. Take the extra minute to shut off your printer completely. If you pull the plug halfway thru shutdown, the print heads could be left out and open making it quicker for the ink to dry up.

A bit of dusting here and there around your printer will help to keep the cartridge void of any residue that could potentially harm its capacity to offer you a clear, crisp print. So, be nice to your inkjet cartridge and it will return the favor to you!

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