The Six Most Common Problems Reported With The iPad Mini


iPad Mini DiagnosticEver since Apple released its iPad mini, a device to rival competitors small tablets, a number of problems have cropped up. These problems often vary from device to device, and are not problems that are found in every device, because of the fact that Apple is very careful when it comes to problems with their devices. Here are the top 6 problems that have come to light surrounding the iPad Mini.

1. Auto-Brightness Not Working

A number of iPad Mini users have reported that the auto brightness on their handset is not working. This could be due to a number of factors but there are ways to work around it, such as by resetting your device. Nevertheless, auto-brightness problems often come up with devices of all brands, and Apple should be working on a fix to this to be released in later updates.

2. Microphone Not Working

Another problem surrounding the iPad Mini is the fact that a number of users microphones aren’t working. This problem mainly occurs when users are using Skype or Facetime. This could be due to the microphone simply being blocked, or it could be due to a a faulty handset, in which case it should be taken to the Apple store.

3. Quality of the Display

Many users are saying that the display of the iPad Mini simply isn’t up to par compared to, for example, the full sized iPad. The iPad Mini doesn’t have the Retina Display like its big brother does, which could be the cause of the perceived lack in quality of the display.

4. Freezing and Random Restarts

One problem that many iPad Mini users seem to be experiencing is the fact that it can freeze and/or restart randomly. This could be due to an app that is being kept open, or due to having too many apps open at one time. To fix that, you can manage the apps that are running by pressing the home button twice.

5. Headphones Not Working

Many users have reported that the headphone jack on their iPad Mini is not working, even though the sound is coming through the speakers. There are a number of reasons that this could be happening, but users should check their volume to make sure that it is at an audible level. If this doesn’t work, the iPad Mini should be taken to the nearest Apple Store.

6. Not Recognized by iTunes

Lastly on the list, some iPad Mini users are reporting that their iPad is not being recognized by iTunes when they plug it into their computer. This is another issue where there could be any number of things causing it, but the biggest culprit seems to be when the iPad Mini is not fully charged.

The release of the iPad Mini signifies a different direction for Apple, however it is not perfect. Many of the issues highlighted in this article can be fixed by the user, but in some cases the iPad should be taken to the nearest Apple Store.

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