How to View Slideshow in Mac


View Slideshow in MacFew Mac users do not even know how to see their photo collection in slideshow. In fact, many of them are not even aware that there’s such a wonderful feature in Mac systems. This article will help you learn how to see pictures in slideshow in Mac. There is more than one way in which you can see slideshows in Mac. Slideshows are the best means to remind you of your old, sweet memories since you can enjoy watching them without the user having to operate the device.

If you need to view photos using a good photo viewer for Mac, Photo+ is a great choice to consider. This simple program lets Mac users see photos that they import and download onto their computer.

Creating Slideshows Seamlessly

A slideshow can be created easily using this program. You just have to choose ‘Preview’ from your dock icons and open it. Go to File -> Open to open the window. Find the set of photos saved on your computer and select the files you want to view and click on ‘open’ at the bottom right hand side of the window. Click on view and select slideshow to see the pictures. This will help you see the slideshow.

Forget the Default Preview Application

If you are not satisfied with the performance of the default Preview program of Mac, opt for a good image viewer to see all kinds of photos, be it animated gif on Mac or any other ordinary image. Photo+ is a good option to consider for viewing pictures in a slideshow on Mac systems. You can see all the chosen photos in either slideshow or full screen and further can improve the slideshow by adding your favorite music apart from any of the thirteen types of transition, including ripple, page turn, fade, and more. Use the right and left arrow keys or slide in 2 fingers to change between pictures. Zoom in and out by moving your finger and thumb in a pinch motion or using the up or down arrow keys. To overview the pictures, there’s a convenient thumbnail strip.

Try iPhoto

View-Slideshows-in-MaciPhoto is another standard program for viewing and editing photos. You can also create slideshows of photos using this powerful program. Apart from this, users can also upload and share their photos. Any photo from the iPhoto library can be included in the slideshow and you can also add effects or music in the background from iTunes in order to accompany the slideshow.

Most of the software programs allow users to set the frequency, which facilitate the pictures to be played at the set time duration. However, this has to be set in the settings before beginning the slide show, and this image viewer Mac powered program offers many other benefits too.

Additional Options

After the slideshow begins, few options can be seen below the screen – these options include previous, fit to screen, pause, index screen, next, and more. Usually, the size of the pictures is automatically adjusted by the program. Though, if you have to increase the picture size, an option is there below the slideshow on Mac.

A slideshow of the pictures on Mac will give you a highly memorable experience.

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