The Most Common Dual SIM Phones


Dual SIM mobile phones are phones that allow you to simultaneously use two SIM cards. There are many reasons that people may want to do this. For example, if you’re a frequent traveller you may have two SIM cards from different countries. A dual SIM phone would allow you to make calls using the cheaper rates of the SIM card from the country you’re currently in, whilst still making sure that you receive important calls from the SIM card of your home country. Similarly for people who need to have business phones but who are forbidden from using their business phone for personal calls. You could put your business SIM card and your personal SIM into the same device, receive all your calls and not have to carry two phones around with you. There are numerous benefits to having a dual SIM phone, although they do tend to be a little more expensive than regular phones, but for some people the convenience more than makes up for the extra cost. If you’re looking for a dual SIM phone, here are some of the most popular models…

The Nokia C100

The Nokia C100This is the cheapest dual SIM phone on the market, and it was designed to be used in developing countries, which means it can be hard to get a hold of in the UK. Mobile service operators will not offer it, but there are several online sources where you can purchase one. If you need a budget dual SIM phone, the C100 is the way to go. It doesn’t have many features, and there’s no camera, but it is relatively cheap.

The Samsung B7722

The Samsung B7722The Samsung is far more feature laden than the Nokia, but it is also a lot more expensive. It’s a touch screen phone with a 3.2 inch screen, and high screen resolution so it’s nice and bright and clear. It does have a 5 MP camera in built. Plus it has MP3, MP4 and several video players. This is pretty feature heavy for a dual SIM phone, which tend to be quite basic. But these features are reflected in its price, since it’s the most expensive phone on our list.

The LG GX200

The LG GX200Not as great as the Samsung, but much more reasonably priced. The LG model has a simple two inch display, which is pretty small. And the built in camera is only 1.3 MP, making photos taken on the LG of inferior quality with less fine detail than those taken on the great 5 MP camera on the Samsung. But it does support MP3, MP4 and a variety of video formats.

The Motorola EX115

The Motorola EX115The Motorola is the half way point between the Samsung and the LG. Better than the LG, but worse than the Samsung, and the price is right in the middle of the two. It has a 2.3 inch screen, and a 3.15 MP in built camera. It also has a full QWERTY key board, which is unusual on a dual SIM phone. It supports MP3, MP4 and various video formats too.

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