10 Wonderful Android Features That the iPhone Lacks

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Though we all have lots of love for iOS and Android platforms, we find the latter’s open-ended attributes to be just the thing that enables it to perform different tasks, which are inaccessible in other programs. Here, then, is a dissection of what we consider our leading applications, as well as features that are not available on Apple.

We also filtered those tools or functions that can be available on iPhone through jail-breaking.

1. Alternate Keyboard

Swype Android KeyboardThere are various ways, in which, you can make use of diverse sizes of the keyboard on Android. These range from Swiftkey, for predicting letters or words, to Swype, and 8pen. In spite of the fact that the iPhone usually comes with a number of keyboards, these usually work with extended applications, which means a lot of commands for users.

2. Automation

Tasker Android AppTo enable you to automate your functions, you have Tasker that makes your gadget turn into a super-smartphone. You can also adjust particular apps in such parameters as by place, hour, or other

attributes. When you allow Tasker to run on the best settings, you are able to penetrate even the most hidden of settings on your gadget. This is usually a capability that is not easily accessible on other systems out there.

3. Custom Home Launchers

LauncherPro AndroidEven when iPhone jail-breaking brings your home screen to a highly personalized look that you like, it is not quite a flexible system to use. You may use apps from associates of Android to append a number of new features on the screen of your gadget, which range from shortcuts to basic stats that can accelerate the access of data on old gadgets. You can employ LauncherPro, as well as ADWLauncher, to do this work.

4. Widgets

Android-widgetsThough they are space-consuming, widgets are just icons that you just cannot find wanting. For example, those for weather give stats on the reigning temperatures simply on the home pane, while the ones for music display tracks. Productivity icons, on the other hand, list your daily routines — like calendars or the tasks for the day. Though they can be available on a jail-broken iPhone, these will not appear on the home pane, but on the lock screen instead.

5. Removable Storage and Battery

Storage and Battery for AndroidThough it does not rank as a part of the Android technology, strictly speaking, the open source capabilities of Android enables a number of hardware conveniences. These include removing, exchanging, and even improving your batteries and memory sticks.

6. Wireless App Installation

Cydia Tweak App StoreSurfing and finding out that there are new applications out there ought to be an entertaining prospect, rather than a protracted process of lengthy downloads. Although Cydia App Store and the main applications store are not usually what you would consider enjoyable surfing on a tiny screen, and you may need to synchronize the phone to iTunes to complete the process. However, the latest offering in the Android market provides competitive applications that you just install immediately.

7. Custom ROMs

Custom ROMs AndroidEven side-lining the fact that associates’ applications advance the entire kit of Android, it is even more appealing to know how open-ended the operating system is — such that it takes just about anyone to turn it upside down and to toggle new personal features. Be it the treasure-trove of functions that is CyanogenMod or even the MIUI ROM interface platform, nothing can create a boundary on how you can improve your Android excitement. Indeed, what you can’t do easily on other operating systems — like improving your gadget’s velocity or embedding widgets, including FM revivers — is easy on Android.

8. Use your desktop machine to control the phone

Desktop machine to controlIf you are a busy-body and do not find time to run between the computer and the phone, you can use the computer to run the handheld device. You can do, among others, transmit messages through Chrome.

9. Flash

Install Android Flash PlayerThere is a lot of back-alley talk about Flash, but the fact of the matter is that it is quite the tool for surfing the web with. Without it, you will find browsing such a mind-boggling affair. Indeed, it is a must-have for users who are viewing content, like videos, or engaging in games in basic Flash sites.

10. Real App Integration

android dialling applicationThough Google Voice will finally make landfall for the iPhone, it will not serve direct purposes as you would wish — for it will require your manual navigation to the application itself. With Android, Google Voice is a first-hand app that will not relegate you first to the dialler, but will act as a default calling medium without painful navigation. Whenever you hit a user’s number from a browsing network, it will switch you through Google Voice, rather than take you to an unintended dialling application.

Thus – even if iPhone has all the capabilities that all of us love — we have to confess that Android is the better operating system, when it comes to playing with any new feature out there. Of course, this article may have left out some features that you like, but that may feature next time.

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