Saving Your Money Through Apple’s “Paid App For Free Daily” Activity

Paid App For Free Daily

In this post, I am going to share a great money-saving tip with the IOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) owners. When it comes to saving money on IOS device, we surely couldn’t miss the promotional campaign of “Paid App For Free Daily” from Apple’s App store. The “Paid App For Free Daily” activity refers to Apple’s App store gives paid apps away for free on a regular basis. Any persons who have an iTunes account can free download and install these FREE paid apps.

The advantage of this promotional campaign is that iDevice users can free download the original versions of applications. Once you download a paid app that is offered free, even after the app’s developers have the app from free to paid, you still can use this app without paying any fee for it. It seems like you bought a new bicycle from a bike shop when they having a promotion, after they stop the promotion, they are impossible to ask you for your saved money.

The disadvantage of this activity is that there are too many apps at Apple App store, and Apple offers different paid apps free almost daily, so there’s a good chance you’ll forget to check and will miss out on great premium apps for free.

Paid App For Free Daily

Next, I will talk about how to obtain these Paid iDevice Apps for Free Daily:

  1. Open App Store on your computer, when you come to App Store’s main screen, click on the “Top Charts” icon, and then you will see the “Top Free Apps” list that includes the totally free apps and the daily free paid apps. Just browse them to find the target ones.
  2. Open the IOS App Store on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. When the IOS App Store complete loading, you will see a free “App of the Week” program, yes, that’s it, well, what are you waiting for? Click on it to start to download …
  3. In order to search for the iDevice apps for free daily at the first time, you can consider downloading some daily reminder app that sends you with the newest update information about the daily free paid apps from Apple App store, and then install it onto your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. There are a lot of such daily reminder apps available at Apple App store and most of them are free. The well-known ones include FreeAppaDay, AppZap and AppShopper. The three apps provide their users with a large quantity of data and a great refinement of the categorization, what’s more, they offer video presentations for different kinds of applications and games for users. If you want to find some really worthwhile applications and games, the daily reminder app will be the indispensable tool for you.

And finally, as more and more FREE paid apps appear on Apple App store, it has become more and more difficult to find the really valuable apps and games, what’s more, many app developers start to include paid items inside the FREE paid apps. Anyway, hope you could find the great premium apps for free!

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