See! How SIRI Made iPhone A Magical Thing

SIRI iPhone

SIRI iPhoneWell, devices from Apple have always been a source of amazement and innovation for electronics world. Companies take inspiration from this Cupertino based electronics giant company. At here, we are going to explore a breakthrough, which turned late Steve Jobs into a legendary figure.

Let us cut the crap and get to the point. Here are some features, supported by SIRI, which adds value in the productivity of an iPhone user.

Press & Hold Home Button

In order to wake up your SIRI, you need to press the home button and hold to wake up your SIRI feature. It makes people wonder. On pressing the ‘I’ touch button, you will get a list of features that SIRI can do for you. In this way, you can ask your SIRI to call your saved contacts, open picture gallery, register an appointment with any of your contact, and set an alarm. You can do all these stuffs without touching your device.

Make SIRI Your Family Member 

You need to introduce SIRI with your family members like your brother, wife, parents, and kids. For instance, you need to pick a contact called ‘Nick’ and make SIRI aware of the fact that ‘Nick’ is your son. Further, you will have the need to add some more details about ‘Nick’ like his birthday, year of birth, picture, blood group, and recent educational status to let SIRI help you in a productive manner. On filling all required details, you can ask SIRI to make call to your son, send message, and put a reminder on his birthday.

Tell SIRI Where You & Your Friends Roam Usually

You need to tell SIRI about you & your friends’ home, office, and club contact numbers so SIRI can connect you with them as per the regular schedule. In this way, this voice assistance can also help you in remembering things before leaving office or home.

Stop Typing, Start Dictating

It seems boring to type in touch panel. Isn’t it? Well, it is true. People do not find it enjoyable. So, you can get it done with your voice assistant. You just need to wake your assistant up and ask for replying an email. Your assistant can also speak the text of email and then you can dictate email and your SIRI will type for you.

Do Social Networking with SIRI

You can easily do social networking just by enabling SIRI. In this way, you only need to ask your voice assistant to tweet something. Moreover, this assistance can travel across Facebook and send message to your Facebook & LinkedIn friends. Therefore, you will not have to use your fingers for doing so. It can help you in sending out an urgent mail or reply to your close friend’s ping at Facebook via SIRI during cooking, dusting, and housecleaning.

So, just book your iPhone with SIRI to add fun & innovation in your life. With iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, you will be able to experience the knowledge and insights of late Steve Jobs. And, you will surely love to do that.

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