The Brand New Pink Pop – LG

LG Pop GD510 Pink

LG Pop GD510 PinkJust because the new LG Pop GD510 is a budget phone, doesn’t mean you have to put up with substandard features. On the contrary, the Pop packs a lot of dynamite into its minute little package, ensconced in a case stylish brushed metal look with lustrous colour on the front.

This trim, sleek device comes nattily packaged in a cover constructed out of recycled material, along with a power-saving charger. LG certainly wins points for contributing real effort into making their product as green as possible. With an overall cute look and feel, this handset has charmed its way into the hearts of many. Now, with the new pink edition freshly introduced for upcoming Valentine’s Day, it’s more appealing than ever. A mobile phone intended for attracting the excited attention of women everywhere.

It’s Just Hotter In Pink

One of the hip – and further environmentally friendly – new features of this low-range mobile phone is that its construction allows you to install a solar panel for additional power. These are available to you as an extra attachment you can order, for individuals who wish to reduce their carbon footprint when purchasing a new handset.

Overall, everything about the way the Pop is designed is to be applauded. Extraordinarily compact (3 inch screen, and dimensions of 98.8(h) x 49.5(w) x 11.2(d)mm with a weight of 87g), the device shows exceptional workmanship and doesn’t feel tawdry in the slightest. Aluminium dominates its material construction, with a simple and dainty layout. With this phone, the new rose colouring adds just that much more to its endearing, sweet quality.

Clever Interface

The phone is ultra-minimalist, and ingeniously crafted. Whilst it is super tiny, you won’t have trouble with its legibility, clarity or navigation. The screen may only be 3 inches, but it is made in such a way that it conquers the entire front of the phone. The front panel itself is controlled mainly by a single multi-functional button, which comes colour-coded for different modes. You can use it as a way to navigate through the phone, services as an “end”, “clear” and “back” key and make and terminates your calls. Whilst it sounds complicated, it is actually startlingly dynamic and works very efficiently in practice.

Using your fingers to tap out commands is kept to an absolute minimum, overall. Many keys have two functions. For example, the lock-key is also the power button with a lengthier press and the camera button also summons up a list of favourite apps.

Impressive Battery Life

The Pink Pop is to be congratulated for its notable staying power, especially considering it’s such a thin touchscreen. It can continue to run quite comfortably for roughly three days, and it gives you ample hours of warning before it dies. This can be augmented with the solar cell back panel cover, should you choose to get one.

As the phone is quite compact, it also lacks the usual array of power-gobbling apps, which prevents the wearing of battery life. Running on standby, it can last as long as 360 hours.

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