Blackberry Z10 Attractive Contract Deals on Orange Network


Blackberry Z10Blackberry is known to be one of the most renowned business device that is loved and admired by business people as well as other, and this is because it is an all purpose device that not only assists you in your business but it also offers you an extensive scope when it comes to entertainment. However in order to use that completely and in the best possible manner you surely need a network coverage on your blackberry as without that, this device is almost worthless, as it would not be allowing you to do what it is designed for, and that is to communicate with the world in a variety of ways.

Blackberry Z10 is also one of the most revolutionary phones of 2013 and this is because it has an attractive and eye catchy design, dozens of innovative features and a lot more! Another best thing about this is that it has an exclusive 4.2 inches display for better viewing.

In the following lines you will get to know about 2 of the most attractive Blackberry Z10 contract deals offered by Orange which include:

Orange Panther 41 – 18 Months:

Orange Panther 41 – 18 months offers you with a great deal of packages for your Blackberry Z10, as at the price of 36 GBP a month you will be offered with a numerous services including:

Free Minutes:

When you choose to go with this package you will be offered with 600 Free minutes, which literally means that you can enjoy first 600 minutes of your call without paying anything for it, hence allowing it to be the best possible deal for anyone who makes more calls than text messages.

Data Allowed:

You are allowed with 1 GB of data transfer in packages which surely means dozens of songs transfer and thousands of MMS and Videos.

Call Charges:

Orange offers Standard call charges for Blackberry Z10 which is 35 P, whether you call it on the same network or on any other network. Answer phone also comes up with same charges.

Text Messages and Media Message Cost:

Text messages cost you 12P, Video Messages 51.1 P while media messages 30.6P, while you are allowed to do unlimited number of texts, and cross networks messages and every other data sharing is also allowed.

Orange 24 Month Panther:

This 24 months package offers its services for Blackberry Z10 at a similar amount that is 36 pounds, but it surely has to offer you a whole lot of things when it comes to the above package. Here are the details of this Package:

Free Minutes:

When you choose to go with this package you will be offered with 900 Free Minutes, which makes this package one of the biggest and the best option to go with, as now you can enjoy all these minutes for free and without paying anything extra over that, hence allowing you to make the most out of it in the best possible manner.

Data Transfer:

Data transfer of 1 GB is allowed.

Call Charges:

Call charges for same and different network remains that same, and that is 30 P.

Message Cost:

Text Messages would cost you 12 P and Multimedia message 40 P. You can do unlimited number of texts and cross network is also allowed.

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