How Can Your Smartphone Double Up As Emergency Kit?


HTC smartphone deviceWhat are the possible ways you can turn your smartphone into a useful device? You can count the number of times you have used it for paying your restaurant bills, locate a free parking space, or call a cab. But do you know that it can double up as a crisis kit when there is a medical emergency. Over the years there has been the development of many mobile applications that can help user during emergencies. It’s true that a simple mobile application cannot double up as a doctor all by itself or prescribe medications. But in an emergency situation it can surely make the major difference. Given below are few of the apps that can help you prepare better, react to, and report emergency situations.

Preparation Is Always Better

When it comes to preparing for an emergency, options are endless. Choosing the right smartphone app makes a lot of difference.

  • pMonitor: pMonitor provides location alerts. With it parents can track their child’s location. It can accurately state when a child reaches school or home. The app also provides options to create alerts to avoid potentially dangerous situations. For example, if you have an elderly parent alone at home, you can set alert ping when the person meets with an accident or falls. So, with pMonitor, you can respond immediately to bad situations. So, you must use the app to ensure everyday safety and security.
  • Safety NET: It is a great app for elderly care. If you are worried about the safety of your loved ones when you are in office, you must use Safety NET. This app monitors collisions and falls. Whenever, there is an emergency the application automatically alerts previously saved emergency numbers. Thus, you can rush to help immediately.
  • Pocket First Aid and CPR: It can provide a CPR tutorial in your phone. It can’t act during an emergency but can prepare you in advance for one. It can provide tutorials and practice reminders to prepare you well for a CPR. So, you are prepared well to handle a crisis better.

React Immediately

The more prepared you are for an emergency, the faster you can react to it. Given below are apps that can help you react immediately to emergency crisis:

  • Poison Center Help: It is a great app that lets a person deal with a person who has ingested poison. It can also help save the life of a person who has been accidently exposed to dangerous substances. With the help of this app, the users can connect to the poison control center. With it you can get instructions from the help center on how to deal with the situation and what are the side-effects to expect. So, with the app by your side, you can address such emergency situations with ease.
  • Silent Bodyguard: As the name suggests, this app serves as a silent panic button that helps to call the police. No alert will set off at the venue. With it you can send a panic message to the police or loved one. Silent Bodyguard can also send a panic post to your social accounts. So, if there is a life-threatening burglary at home you can use the app to call for immediate help.
  • KidsDoc: You must be having the paediatrician’s number in your phone. He must be available whenever you call. But when your child feels uneasy or ill at the middle of the night, you do not always need a doctor. With KidsDoc, you can enter the symptoms and find out information about the ailment that’s troubling your child. It can also suggest simple treatments and preliminary medications. Thus, it is very important to keep such an app handy.

In addition to that there are many great smartphone apps in the market that can also serve as your personal emergency kit. You must use such apps to keep yourself and your family safe.

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