The Nokia N8 – Display and Performance Overview

Nokia N8 Review

When it comes to being a nicely wrapped package, the N8 has very few cons. Many might have criticised the Nokia N8 for its jutting section placed on its back. However, whilst this might not be appealing to all aesthetic penchants, it certainly comes in handy with providing ample storage room for the nifty 12-megapixel camera nestled inside, whilst simultaneously angling the lens away from direct contact with surfaces its placed upon. The fact that it faces frontwards is also a pleasant surprise – proving you don’t have to own an iPhone if you wish to place a video call to someone.

The Good and the Less Desirable

Nokia N8 Review

The display is a middle-ground issue, with great features as well as a few minor shortcomings. A 3.5 inch screen across is certainly big enough to be fairly legible, and easy to use. However, the 640×360 resolution is definitely not the most impressive to behold. Generally, most of the writing on the N8 is simple to read, but at times small scripts on webpages and apps can be rough and jagged. Aside from that, every other aspect of the screen is amazing. No press of the screen fails to activate the button intended, and the colour itself is especially lurid and bold. Initially, the auto-light tends to be in an alliance with battery-life preservation, but this can be tweaked to perfection if it is not to your personal taste.

Fast operation:

The Symian^3 operating system has proven to be far more effective and swift than iOS, Windows Phone 7 and Android, working swiftly under your direction. There are no issues whatsoever with speed and the rate of responsiveness given, even when viewing video clips in HDMI. This is especially noteworthy considering the mediocre 680MHz CPU – as well as the isolated Broadcom graphics processor – , far less than the 1GHz found in the majority of smartphones.

A fair amount of features

The N8 provides you with many features to mess around with, or add convenience and comfort to the phone’s overall experience. Along with the aforementioned HDMI and great operating system, you also get Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, GPS, an accelerometer and magnetometer and 16GB of storage space to fill. It even has a slot to add another 30GB, if you wish, along with 3G connectivity. As far as fancy features are concerned, this Nokia definitely doesn’t disappoint the ravenous phone aficionado.

Impressive Speaker:

With clear, audible sound, the speaker is more than worthy of doing justice to YouTube videos and iPlayer programmes. Even the headset it comes with is well-worth some acknowledgement, making it less necessary to wish to upgrade than with most other phones.

HD Voice Service:

Certainly no one has ever placed a complaint concerning clarity of voice when placing and receiving phone calls. The speech quality is superb, leaving no space for misunderstandings. In addition, the N8 is one of the few handsets which share a compatibility with the Orange’s HD Voice service.

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