10 Interesting iOS City Building Games


City building games tap into that innate desire to build and manage an empire for our. We see the society that has been built up around us and we feel an urge to replicate this environment with our unique twist. It’s this desire that have made sim games very popular.

We’ll take a brief look at some of the best city building games available on the iOS platform.

1. SimCity Deluxe

SimCity Deluxe iOS AppSimCity Deluxe is an almost perfect replica of the SimCity 3000 game available on the Mac., and at just $6.99 it’s an affordable application that will keep you entertained for hours. Choose from one of the predesigned scenarios or use the free build option to build your own wonderland, and then destroy it with one of the many disasters!

2. Virtual City

Virtual City iOS AppVirtual City is an ideal app to download if you’re a fan of SimCity Lite; however, it has enough redeeming features to be credible as an independent app. There is a sandbox mode available, however many gamers prefer to mission focused style of the gameplay. A great buy at just $4.99 for the iPad and $2.99 for the iPhone.

3. Virtual City 2

Virtual City 2 iOS AppThis app may be a little more expensive than its predecessor but it does include a variety of new features that players of the original game will appreciate. New players (who have not played the original) will have no trouble understanding and enjoying the game.

4. Rebuild

Rebuild City Game iOS AppIf you love city building sims and if you’re taken in by the zombie craze then rebuild is definitely the sim game for you! Repel zombies and help to rebuild the community, expanding your territory as you take back the streets from the undead. There is more of an emphasis on exploration and expansion in this game, rather than building in the conventional sense. This is a great purchase at just $2.99.

5. City Story Metro

City Story Metro iOS AppCity Story Metro is a colorful and slightly cutesy game, but it is a great free city building app. However, a free game is always susceptible to some flaw, and in this case it has been said by some users that the gameplay is harmed by the promotion of the other games made by the developer.

6. Mega City HD

Mega City HD iOS AppMega City HD is a highly unusual (perhaps even unique) combination of a city building sim with a puzzle game. Users are presented with a 6 x 7 grid of ‘blocks’ and these blocks are formed into vertical columns. Each block is worth ‘x’ amount of points, and it’s only when a column hits a specified total of points can it be pushed off the left hand edge and replaced by a new set of blocks. This interesting and unusual game is priced at just $0.99.

7. Pixel People

Pixel People iOS AppThis is another free city building app that is ideal if you’re not looking for a big challenge. The story line has some odd quirks (you need to clone existing residents to create a community) and it’s a cheery game, just not one that is intellectually challenging.

8. Venture Towns

Venture Towns iOS AppA great game (priced at $3.99) for those that like money focused goals, with a dash of city building and happiness management.

9. Megapolis

Megapolis iOS AppMegapolis is one of those free city building iOS apps that are bound to please anyone that enjoys playing CityVille. This mission rich game will keep you entertained for hours at a time.

10. My Country

My Country Game iOS AppGranted, My Country won’t be for everyone, but for a free city building sim it is certainly in depth and detailed enough, without being overcomplicated to learn. It’s an impressive app that can be expensive if you lack the patience with the countdown timers.

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