5 Useful iPad Apps for Doctors, Patients & Med Students


The current generation of students and patients is seeing a technological revolution take place. The entire world around the health sector has changed dramatically. The days of using pen and paper are long gone as technology storms its way in. Doctors, students and patients are now more reliant on their iPads as tools of success and knowledge. This article will take a look at the top five useful iPad apps for doctors, patients and med students on the market. All five apps have something unique to offer and ensure the world becomes an easier place for individuals in the health sector.

1. Drchrono

drchrono EHR iPad AppRemember the days of illegible handwriting from your family physician? Well, those days are long gone because of apps such as Drchrono. This app has completely erased any such issues by creating a user-interface that is friendly for the doctor. All of the doctor’s important writing tasks can be completed right on the iPad. Many doctors use this app now to manage patient files, put together notes and even write prescriptions.
This is an app that has been designed to make everyone’s life a little bit easier. It is incredibly easy to use for those interested in applying it within the health sector. It is organized in a manner that is quick and efficient for physicians constantly on the go with longer patient line-ups.

2. Mobile MiM

Mobile MIM iPad AppX-rays are a big part of a doctor’s professional life and observing them is important. It can be the difference between the right or wrong diagnosis. This app ensures the doctor is given the ability to ‘zoom in’ on certain parts of the x-ray and put forward the right diagnosis as accurately as possible.
The best part about this app is that the x-rays are made available on the ‘cloud’ network. This means the x-rays are available for the patients to observe for themselves. This establishes a level of transparency that has never been seen before.

3. Epocrates

Epocrates iPad AppStudying for a medical student can essentially be the most rigorous test of endurance and determination. Making a medical student’s life easier is the desire for one and all. This app does a great job of making an incredible amount of information available right at your fingertips. Flipping through a million books is no longer an issue. Everything that is needed is right there is in this neat little app that has earned rave reviews from all students.

4. Proloque2Go

Proloquo2Go iPad AppDisabilities can be a difficult thing for patients to live with. For those individuals that cannot speak, every day communication can become troublesome. This app does a great job of making communication much easier and simpler for those with the inability to speak. It is all about ensuring therapy is going in the right direction and there are no mistakes in communication between the patient and physician.

5. Skeletal System

Skeleton System Pro III iPad AppAnyone related to the health sector understands the pain of memorizing every little part of the skeleton. It is just part of the process for both students and physicians. Even patients like to know more about their own body. This app does a great job of pinpointing every little detail in the skeletal system and explaining what its function is. Many medical classrooms have already included this in their program as a teaching tool.
Concluding Thoughts

These 5 useful apps for doctors, patients and med students demonstrate how far technology has taken the health sector. It is no longer all about relying purely on intelligence alone; it is about maximizing that intelligence into positive results.

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