10 Benefits of Having a Mobile App in Shopping & E-Commerce Industry

Why Should You Create Mobile App for Shopping & e-Commerce?

Having a Mobile App in Shopping & E-Commerce Industry

Are you in the shopping and e-commerce industry? Have you built a mobile app for your business? If your answer is no, then you are missing out on a proven and tested sales increasing formulae. It is almost like a magical potent which can change your current business state. Mobile phones are seeing great advancement and are getting more and more popular.

Why Should You Create Mobile App for Shopping & e-Commerce?

Billions of people use mobile phones and they spend most of the time on mobiles, using apps. So, if you have a mobile app for your e-commerce business, Then you have surely increased your reachability and brand awareness. Mobile apps are slowly moving ahead of desktops and websites interactions. People are preferring apps over websites as they are a more convenient and better experience.

In this blog, I will discuss 10 advantages of having a mobile app built for your e-commerce business.

1. Websites Vs. Apps!

There have been lots of arguments about what is better in terms of usability. Mobile app or a website? There is no doubt that the mobile app is surely better than a website. It is a more convenient method of shopping and getting things done. Also, it is a permanent relationship. Once the customer has downloaded the app, it is going to stay with them on their phone.

Whereas, websites are for one-time visits. Nobody would remember a website the second time. Mobile apps are also good for new customers as they don’t have to remember the site URL or anything. They can just download the app and everything will be within their reach. Statistics clearly indicate that users are preferring mobile apps more and more over websites, especially for the e-commerce industry. This a certain advantage of having a mobile app for the e-commerce industry.

2. Mobile App Helps Build Trust & Loyalty

Your mobile app is just like your store. People who know you and your business will consider buying from you only. If your mobile app is a success, then there will be customers who would trust you and would only buy from you. Your mobile app will always be on their mobile phones and they’ll keep seeing your app icon.

This way, they’ll remember you and you’ll be more accessible to them. Also, if a customer downloads your mobile app, it is an indication that the customer is serious for buying. Whereas, people visit the website just to check out stuff. People prefer spending more time on an app than on a website. This is because they feel like home with the app. It is their phone and your app are running on it. They feel that everything is within their reach and very accessible. This is also a very beneficial advantage of a mobile app for your e-commerce business.

3. Less Loading & Response Time

Apps are much faster than websites. Apps run on your phone and they use very less server to connect with the data. Customers want quick access to their desired content. They don’t want to wait for even a second extra for viewing your content. There are thousands of places they can go and they have chosen you. If you consume their time like this, they are surely going to leave. Apps greatly reduce this problem and help customers, save their precious time.

4. Better User Experience

Mobile apps are not very complicated in terms of layout and design. There are lots of restrictions on mobile apps and so, only relevant info can portray on the app. Apps are not so complicated like websites. There are no extra options and buttons present. This makes it really easy for the users to navigate through the app and reach their desired places fast. A simple layout and design that features all the important buttons clearly, can help enhance the user experience of your app by a great extent.

5. More Sales & Better Conversion Rates

 Better user experience means more sales. If the users are liking it on your app. Chances are, they’ll buy your products more frequently. A mobile app with best features and simple navigation can attract manifold sales. As I said earlier, users are likely to spend more time on a mobile app than a website. Which means you have more time to convince the user to buy your product. This way, you’ll clearly increase your sales and up your conversion rates.

6. Phone Features Can Team Up with your App!

You can use the inbuilt features of your user’s phone to your benefit! Your mobile app can help you do so in a very effective way and you can enhance the user’s experience furthermore. For example, you can use a microphone feature present in most devices, in your app. Users can say what they want to search and the results would appear.

Also, you can use GPS to navigate the customer’s location so, they don’t have to type the shipping address manually. These are some example of how you can use the user’s mobile to enhance the features of your app.

7. Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is a major problem that e-commerce sites have to face. Most of the customers put items into cart and then abandon it without completing the purchase. But mobile app helps eradicate this problem. With the mobile app, people find it really easy to complete the transactions.

Also, the mobile app is preferred by people that are more serious about buying and don’t want to leave empty-handed. In websites, customers can face lots of distractions in the face of unnecessary advertisements and banners. But the mobile app will clearly indicate the checkout process and hence, there will be a reduction in cart abandonment rate.

8. High Average Order Value

As I said earlier, customers that visit your mobile app are rather very serious for buying. Also, these customers are willing to pay more and buy expensive products. The easy checkout process and precise simple designs are also factors that encourage people to buy high-value products.

9. Exclusive Offers Notification to Attract Customers

Everybody looks for offers that they can benefit from. With the use of your e-commerce mobile app, you can implement exciting offers. You can highlight the hot deals and offers on your app. This way, more customers will come to you, allured by the offers.

10. Customer Support

Customer support facilities can be best provided only through the app. You can put a customer support section where you can provide contact info and provide support. This is way better than the desktop website support system as customers can find the support section easily on the app and be updated about their queries from there only.


These 10 advantages, solidly support the fact that having a mobile app for your e-commerce business is a wise choice.

The benefits and advantages that are stated above will surely convince you towards building your new shopping app now!

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