Plan A Perfect Trip with 5 Best Travel Planner Apps

Perfect Trip with 5 Best Travel Planner AppsPerfect Trip with 5 Best Travel Planner Apps

A travel planner mobile app with all the essential features helps users in planning their journey with a few taps using their smartphones. Develop an Android and iPhone app that enables travelers with all in one solution so that they need to download different apps to accomplish their varied purpose. They can plan their journey using a single app that performs all the activities star from bookings, reservation, transportation, itinerary, and packing.

In the era of smartphone and mobile apps, everything is available on our fingertip starts from shopping, music, sports, transportation booking, entertainment, traveling, to banking. The emergence of advanced technologies has transformed the way we lived before a couple of decades.

Gone are the days when customers were approaching a travel agent/agency to plan their vacation. Travel agency agents take extra charges for the services & support they deliver and provide minimum discounts.

Now customers have started considering the travel planner apps that not only organize trips but also save money and enable them with a lot of experiences. It gives users the flexibility to choose any travel destination rather than choosing from limited tour packages provided by travel agency/agents.

Additionally, the apps allow users to book hotels, restaurants and transmutes as per their budget and convenience. In short, its a completely personalized journey that we can design as per our interest.

How exciting it is to travel through our favorite destination in our own way!

Well, the next voyage is not far away. Let’s make it up right now just by using your smartphone.

There are varied travel planner apps available on Android and iOS platforms that make trip planning easy for travelers from tracking flights to suggesting local sceneries.

If you are a startup having a unique travel planner app idea, then let’s take to the next level. Explore the key features and the most popular applications of this category that enables travelers with all the above-mentioned benefits while planning their vacation.

5 Must-Have Features of Travel Planner Apps

1. Trip Itineraries

Create all in one travel planner app using trip itineraries feature that allows users to plan their holidays by creating their own trip itinerary along with all the trip details.

When users specify the location they are willing to visit, a smart itinerary automatically generates a travel plan based on the place. Allow users to manage their travel plans in a master itinerary, so they can access their travel details from one single place.

The best travel planner apps permit users to generate a trip itinerary with a few simple taps and share it with family members and friends directly from the application.

The trip itinerary feature allows customers to create a custom itinerary with all the details including flight booking confirmation, hotel reservation, restaurant details, written notes, things to do, places to visit, and so on. Make sure the users can add the exact travel details of the journey and generate a personalized itinerary in a few minutes.

2. Geo Tracking

Another important feature is Geo-tracking that allows users to explore nearby places, cafes, museums, restaurants, ATMs, and other locations. It enables users with more detail about the locations such as addresses, entry fees, opening timings, reviews & ratings, and more. With Geo-location feature, users can create a list of places that are nearby their hotel or lodge and under budget.

3. Push Notifications & Alerts

It is very important for a travel app to notify users about the different activities of their travel plan. For instance; customers get notifications or alerts about flight bookings, cancellations, and delays.

Enabling users with real-time updates related to flight booking & timing, hotel check-in time, etc., you can keep them well informed about their travel plans. Also, increase user engagement and retention by sending alerts and notifications of coupon codes, offers, and deals that customers can use while booking flight tickets and hotels.

4. Calendar Setup & Sync

Using the calendar, travelers can schedule their trips. Keep your mobile calendar sync with all your trips to make it available for Outlook, Google Calendar or any other calendar. Also, allow travelers to have all the trip related schedules in one place so they do not forget any of the important plans that they have decided as a part of their trip.

While developing a travel planner app, make sure the application supports varied calendar apps such as AppleiCal, Sunrise Calendar, and more.

5. Trip Reviews

Let the travelers review the varied places and share their experience through the app. The best example of the review app is TripAdvisor. They have a strong review system on the web and mobile app.

Incorporating this feature in your trip planner app, enable users with reliable reviews about a place, hotel, cafe, restaurants, site scenes, etc. It helps other users invest time in exploring and enjoying the exciting places rather than wasting time on boring one.

Top 5 Travel Planner Apps You Should Consider for Your Next Trip

1. Hopper – For Flight Booking

Hopper For Flight BookingThe best app to book the flight at the cheapest rates. It has a proprietary algorithm that uses massive data of airline prices and analyzes historical trends in order to predict when the prices to a certain destination are likely to be lowest and change. Also, the apps send notifications to users about the best time to buy tickets for the planned date and destination.

Hopper claims that they help travelers save up to 40% on their next flight tickets by analyzing billions of prices in a day.

Available On: iOS & Android

2. TripIt – For Reservations & Confirmations

TripIt For Reservations ConfirmationsTripIt is an excellent travel pallor app in many ways. The most important feature of this app is, it manages all the confirmations and reservations related to the hotel, flight, car, restaurants, etc. in a well-organized manner using a single master itinerary. Users can access these travel details in offline mode, share it with friends & family members, and sync it with the phone’s calendar.

TripIt enables users with the flexibility to make a choice from forwarding the confirmation emails directly, sending travel information in a manually created document, or the app automatically fetches the trip related data from your email inbox.

Available On: iOS & Android

3. Google Trips – For Planning Travel Itinerary & Activities

Google Trips For Planning Travel Itinerary ActivitiesPlan out your entire day by defining all the itineraries and location you plan to visit in a particular city with the help of Google Trips. The app enables users with nearby places to visit and activities to do. Google Trips recommends the daily sightseeing and allows to customize the trip by adding or removing certain stops.

Users can save the places they want to visit and view them as a list or on the map. Moreover, Google Trips pulls the reservation and confirmation details from Gmail and manage them within the app so that travel information always be handy to the user.

The most important feature of this app is, it allows users to download every information with or without internet or Wi-Fi connection.

Available On: iOS & Android

4. Rome2Rio – For Transmit Connection

Rome2Rio For Transmit ConnectionWhen you are on the trip, it is better to explore transmit options and create a plan about reaching to a certain location. Rome2Rio helps users search for every mode of transportation such as plain, bus, rain, can subway, ferry, etc. to travel from one destination to another within the city or intercity.

The app also provides information about the time of travel and the approximate cost. It helps you in getting the suitable transmit in-time matters a lot. Please note, the app helps users in planning the journey and does not allow to book the transmit.

Available On: iOS & Android

5. Packaging Pro – For Creating Checklist of Your Travel Essentials

Packaging Pro For Creating Checklist of Your Travel EssentialsPackaging Pro allows travelers to create the checklist of important essentials that they have to carry in their suitcases during the trip. The app creates a customized packing list for the users by considering varied factors such as weather condition, food preferences, destination, trip duration, and much more.

The app has a robust catalog of the items that a traveler required while they are on the trip. Users only need to check their preferred items to create their personalized checklist. How it is easy to use this app. Well, this app has only one drawback that it is not available for free. But it is worth to pay for something that adds value to your travel plan.

Available On: iOS

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