iPhone Games Released In February 2013


As everyone knows there has been tens of thousands of games released since the first game system powered up. This means that there are hundreds upon hundreds of games released every year. For the average person this doesn’t mean much. But to some, it strikes a bit of excitement and intrigue. Depending on the system you have, you could spend the better part of your life sifting through games just to find the best one’s out there.

Sophisticated Little Device

Today we are going to focus on a select group of gamers. For starters we aren’t going to focus on those looking to veg on their couch in front of their television. Instead we are going to focus on those, on-the-go fellas that want to take the power with them everywhere they go. iPhone users have been dubbed savvy and based solely on the fact that they have one of the most sophisticated electronic devices in their pocket. Here before you, we are going to spotlight some of the best games that came out this month for the savvy electronic device users.

Let’s List ‘em

1. Major Magnet:

Major Magnet iPhone GameFirst up is our pick of the month, Major Magnet. This game is a must have for the Sonic the Hedgehog Enthusiast. This fast pace gold picking phenomenon enters your cerebral cortex from the push start. Not only will you get hooked, but you will find yourself hours later sitting in the same spot missing your stop on the bus.

2. Usagi Yojimbo, Way of the Ronin

Usagi Yojimbo- Way of the Ronin iPhone GameNext up is Usagi Yojimbo, Way of the Ronin. This great all-expense paid road trip through our ninja mania includes everything except the carrot, or does it? Karate Kid, cross Roger Rabbit, and you have one or our best kick butt animation games we have seen so far.

3. Briquid

Briquid iPhone GameBriquid!! Ok, this game takes the cake for simple, yet satisfying. We have yet to play a game that is based on only blocks and keeps our interest as long as this one. Strategy meet, strategy with a twist. Try your hand at navigating water through block like structures and see if you can put it down.

4. Spunk and Moxie

Spunk and Moxie iPhone GameIt is one of those games that you say, “I will never play”. This is until your 6 your old boy places it on the counter and you try it out. You tell yourself “it’s only because I want to see what he is doing with his time”. There you are an hour later yelling at your sophisticated little child’s phone.

With tons of levels and mind bending puzzles there is much to do about nothing in this little squishy craze.

5. Gun Bros 2

Gun Bros 2 iPhone GameIt is one of those games that we all never thought would be able to be played on a phone. Now that the awesome graphics and amazing game play are possible you just have to have this game. Guns, explosions and amazing action are not all you get with this heat pumping massacre. Trust us this is a game to have. If you haven’t heard of the first one, than, you don’t deserve an iPhone to begin with.

6. Sporos

Sporos iPhone GameSporos, at an all-inclusive discounted price of only ninety nine cents this game is mesmerizing. Being creative is not enough with this one. Try your hand at placing the cells in their correct location. Don’t get hypnotized with this one because there may be no one around to wake you up.

7. Mini Match

Mini Match iPhone GameIf you are a social media nut than this game is for you. Mini Match allows you to play tons of little games with your friends. If it’s not enough to know you don’t have what it takes to win against your pocket sized friend, now your real life friends can be the judge. This fun little gem keeps the social veins alive.

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