6 Must have iPhone Apps for Senior Citizens


Numerous old individuals are the fans of iPhone or Android, and likewise some teens can’t live without Smartphone. Here are some suitable and simple to utilize applications for more advanced in years individuals, and we trust these applications can enhance the life in maturity, and in the event that you suppose some of they are helping for your family or companions, don’t waver to impart this post to them. Since this post is mainly for them, I dedicate this article to each and every senior people in the world.

1. Pill Reminder Pro

Pill Reminder Pro iPhone AppYou can guess it functions from the name of the app. Of course it’s used to remind about the medication for senior citizens. All you need to do is just enter the name of the pill needs to be taken, frequency, dosage and the time. Enter the exact time of the day when you need to intake the pill. This app will alert you through PUSH alerts. This reduces the burden of older people as there are possibilities to forget many at the older age. This acts as a companion to them in taking care of their health.

2. Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation iPhone AppThis voice- identification requisition permits clients to manage message or message memos and see them in a split second. Users can likewise direct notices for Face book, tweets, or send themselves notes and memos. A client on the Enabled by Design site says: “I’ve been utilizing Dragon Naturally Speaking for a year now for all messages, letters and so forth, as my hand versatility makes sorting demanding. I have no dissent ions whatsoever. Dragon always shocks me as it “studies” so rapidly.

3. Magnifying Glass

Magnifying Glass With Light iPhone AppThis app best suits for those who need a little extra visual enhancement while reading a menu or perusing a map. This app acts like a magnifying glass thus it enhances the view by using the zoom feature on your Smartphone. And the best feature with this app is it comes with the “Flash light” option where you can illuminate the view so that you can read easier.

4. Blood Pressure Pro

BloodPressure Pro iPhone AppAs it implies it is used to monitor the Blood pressure of your systolic and diastolic as well as heart rate. It’s mandatory to monitor the blood pressure, heart rate for every older age people. This iPhone app simplifies your work in it. IT is very simple to use.

5. Retirement Planner

Retirement Savings Calculator iPhone AppHave you ever felt the requirement to begin making arrangements for your retirement? Additionally, possibly you are approaching retirement and might want to do a check of your present reserve funds and speculations. If you’re in retirement, near it, or simply envisioning about it, the Retirement Planner causes you see how safeguarding, using and speculation choices can get you to the retirement you need.

6. iMutt

iMutt iPhone AppPets furnish incredible friendship with more senior individuals; however they additionally require   time to take care of it. The “Dogs Trust” app has a diversion that permits users to food, play, walk, and connect with a virtual pooch, without the requirement to pay a vet’s bill or walk out in the sprinkle.

To conclude:

It is healthy and good to see that apps are available for senior people. The impact of Smartphone among people is increasing. The rise of such iPhone apps shows that Smartphones are not only for teens, where it can also be good companions to older people too.

If you found any other best app for Senior people, kindly let me know through your comments.

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