The Art of Conferencing Get’s the Tech-Edge with These Advanced Mobile Apps


What is it that is missing in teleconferencing, video calling and web conferences? Well, it is the real-world charm. Yes! No advanced technology can beat the exposure and connectivity that real-time conference oozes. You get to sit and talk face-to-face with like-minded people; a lot of grey matter is exchanged, you get a chance to network with fellow attendees, and of course, you get to grab lunch with your idol presenter. Overall, nothing can duplicate the experience rendered by a real-world conference. But, how about enhancing it, and that too using your smart phone? Yes! In this mobile era, your smart phones come laden with apps that help you in extracting more substance from any conference that you attend. Though the list of related apps runs long, we give you an overview of the choicest ones. Here is a comprehensive listing of some great conferencing apps that will enhance your experience as an attendee and make the entire event worthwhile.

1. Twitter

Twitter AppThough Twitter sounds more, of a social media professor that can come handy at tech, marketing and social conferences, but in actuality, it can be your networking mate at any summit or conference. As a trend, most organizers promote their conferences with a hash tag on Twitter. This allows more and more people to follow real-time updates from the summit, whether they are physically attending it or not. Another advantage of having Twitter installed on your smart phone is that you can ditch the painstaking procedure of note making. As a stream of people share real-time updates with the hashtag, you can make a note by simply following it. Back home, you can check your Twitter feed and your notes are right in front of you.

2. Evernote

Evernote AppThe technology may advance in leaps and bounds, but there is one thing, which will never change about conferences- attendees taking down notes to get a grasp of the subject. Note taking is the essence of any summit. You literally have to be on your toes to keep pace with the presenters and note down the key points. Well, not any more. The Evernote app takes care of this gruesome task. Of all the note-making apps available in the marketplace, Evernote is a hit amongst attendees, entrepreneurs and marketers. With this app installed on your smart phone, tablet or laptop, you get the option of maintaining notebooks and creating individualized notes. Moreover, the app makes your content highly searchable. What is more? You can include tags, photographs, audio and URLs into your notes. This means you need not keep juggling with sticky notes anymore. Just sign in for an Evernote account and easily create and access notes during or even after the conference.

3. Foursquare

Foursquare appIf you are attending a large-scale conference, having Foursqure app installed on your smart phone is necessary. When many of your friends are attending a conference and are scattered across the large venue, Foursquare helps you in mapping their exact location. In addition, since most upscale conferences host official as well as unofficial parties post the knowledge sessions, Foursqaure is the best way to determine places that will be best for expanding your social circle. Now, whether you want to attend it or ditch it for a quite night that is entirely your choice! The best part is that this app is free to use and is available across all major mobile devices.

Life could not get any simpler! With such useful apps at hand, your conferencing experience will surely be redefined. So, grab these mobile applications today and head to the next conference with all the right arsenals in your kitty.

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