5 iPhone Apps That Can Help You Stop Drinking


When was the last time you went a day without touching a drop of alcohol? After a while it’s hard to remember because the days just blend into one and other. I know it doesn’t feel like it now but it’s not too late. The fact you’re reading this means you must want to change, so maybe you can with the help of some great iPhone apps. Here are a selection of the best ones you should try because one of them could easily change your life.

1. Stop Drinking With Andrew Johnson

Stop Drinking with Andrew JohnsonNobody starts out life as an alcoholic. They start having a few drinks then they have a few more. After a while they feel like the only way they can relax is when they have vodka in their system. This app is designed to help you beat those cravings you’ve built up over the last few years. Non-alcoholics can use the app too if they want to cut back on the amount of drinks they’re consuming each week. The app uses a mixture of hypnotherapy, relaxation techniques, and positive thinking.

2. Biblical Encouragement – Alcohol Addiction

Biblical EncouragementIf you don’t believe in god you won’t have any interest in this app, but if you believe in a higher power it could be the answer to your prayers. Faith is a powerful tool and it can definitely help you overcome the mental obstacles that prevent you from quitting alcohol. The app uses verses from the bible to encourage you to deal with your negative feelings. If you’ve tried all other options then it’s maybe time to turn to God to see if he can help you.

3. Twenty Four Hours A Day

Twenty Four Hours A DayIn the beginning you usually felt like a drink at a certain time of the day because you’re used to drinking at that specific time. This changes as time goes on and it becomes a battle at all hours of the day to stay away from the demon drink. This app is actually a very famous book that has been turned into something you can use on your smartphone to help you deal with your alcohol withdrawals. Whenever you feel like giving up the app will encourage you and help you to meditate.

4. Control Alcohol

Control AlcoholHypnotism is the ultimate tool when it comes to kicking any habit because once someone gets into your subconscious mind they can do amazing things. Control Alcohol will weave its magic by letting you listen to tranquil audio sessions every day and the hypnotic messages will be hidden inside which means you’ll have no idea what is happening. You just need to lie back and enjoy the recordings and in time they will help you think twice before reaching for the bottle.

5. Lift – Daily Motivation

Lift Daily MotivationHow much do you think you would be able to achieve if you had a coach following your around every day giving you non-stop encouragement? The Life app will give you a daily kick of motivation and you can easily use it to beat your alcohol demons. Behind the scenes the app actually works using the latest breakthroughs in behavior and goal research, so there is science behind everything. Remember you just need to get through one day at a time and this app can definitely help you do that.

It doesn’t start tomorrow

Don’t go away and have a few drinks because you’re determined to change your life starting from tomorrow. You have to start now and it might be a lot easier than you think. Download a few of these apps and look through them then choose the ones you’re going to use in your upcoming fight.

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