5 Best iPhone Apps for Fashion Designers


If you’re into fashion you know very well that inspiration is something you’re never in control of, When it strikes all boils down to whether you have the necessary tools in order to take advantage of it or not. Good fashion can’t come out of the blue and that is why you need to be totally prepared. If you have an iPhone though, you can always welcome inspiration, regardless of when it comes and where you are. Using your iPhone you can forget about being without your moodboards, swatches, sketches and notes, as you’ll get the help you need at every set of the creative process. With that being said, below we will take a closer look at the top 5 Best iPhone Apps for Fashion Designers.

1. Fotopedia Heritage

Fotopedia Heritage iPhone AppYou know very well that being a designer involves taking into account many things and always being busy with something. Most of the times you are stuck in the studio all day long, which you know very well it can be quite uninspiring. However, when you feel you want to design something and do it fast and easy, you just need to grab your iOS device and get Fotopedia Heritage. This app contains hundreds of photos in high resolution from many parts of the world. They can act as great inspiration to your next line of clothing!

2. Art Authority

Art Authority iPhone AppFor many years now art has managed to prove itself as a major influence in what regards fashion lines and not few are the examples of entire collections being anchored by an amazing art piece. If you never heard about Art Authority, you should know this is an app for the iPhone which contains the best organized and extensive collection of artwork form thousands of galleries and artists. Even though compared to Fotopedia the interface won’t be as pleasing, you can see their pieces in great detail if you zoom into the majority of their catalogs.

3. Design Library

By learning more about the textile industry, you will eventually manage to elevate your designs. Design Library is amongst the best complete textile library worldwide and taking a peek into it, you will definitely make more way for your creative juices to start flowing. There are dozens of amazing design selections you can scroll through and they have origins in many countries around the world. To name a few, they include Uzbekistan, Japan, France and many more. At the same time, they date from the seventeen fifties and up until the nineteen hundreds.

4. Sketchbook Pro

Sketchbook Pro iPhone AppThere are plenty of styles fashion sketches can take and they vary from the vague and conceptual to the labors of love noting every stitch. It doesn’t matter what style you love though, because Sketchbook Pro feature a great interface and a plethora of brushes which will definitely meet all of your sketching needs perfectly. What you’ll love most about this app is the ability to customize your color palette, which is great for any serious fashion designer out there.


myPANTONE iPhone AppAs a designer, it’s impossible you didn’t hear about this app. It’s a company that has a long history and it’s also responsible for the code regulation of color, global color trends and so on. All you need to do is select any color you want and the application will generate a color family (triadic, analogous, complimentary, monochromatic and many more). You can then export your colors and share them with anyone you like. It’s a really great way to inspire others and at the same time let you be inspired by their creations. Enjoy using these Best iPhone Apps for Fashion Designers!

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