Top 5 Apps to Help You in Travel Planning!

CoPilot GPS Travel App for iOS

While travelling, especially in unknown and exotic destinations is indeed pleasurable, adrenaline –filling and fun, it is not without its share of risks, challenges and jeopardy, especially if one is travelling alone. Indeed it could be quite possible for one to be stuck in the middle of nowhere, with civilization miles and miles away, armed without anything more worthwhile than a Smartphone. However, this is no cause for worry since state-of-the-science technology is in our hands, that could rescue us from any predicament, however serious it may be. Through the use of GPS-aided, WI-Fi and map tracking apps it is always possible to wriggle free from any kind of travel (mis) adventure.

1. Hello-Hello World (free for apps):

Hello-Hello Learning App for iOSThis is one of the earliest language – learning apps. That offers around19 global languages. The modus operandi is through reading, listening and speaking in terms of software and also with other learners, around the world. It uses flashcards, fillers exercises and other group interactions

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2. Google Maps:

Google Maps Travel App for iOSBy far, Google Maps are first and best choice in tracking devices and is gained free for Android phone users which also have inbuilt-GPS devices and detailed guidelines on how travel could be well planned in unknown terrains.   This could also double up as compasses, gaining travel and public transit data, traffic views and can also determine latitude and longitude locations.  This also facilitates indoor tracking, especially in crowded public places, where chances of losing one’s way is very high and potential. Google Maps are easily and readily accessible from Blackberry and iPhone devices by navigating the phone’s web browser or by use of map widget in phone. Besides, voice facility is present instead of having to type instructions.

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3. Trapster:

Trapster iOS App for TravelThis app provides alerts in presence of speed traps, street camera and also warns against path constructional hazards that could stall travel and traffic for indefinite time. This is also capable of sensing traffic problems and retrieving database of millions of users in real time to enhance and secure travel needs and expectations. While travelling, especially in congested urban locales, it is possible to gain data on traffic jams, bottlenecks, and school zones, narrow pathways that could stall travel dramatically.

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4. Expensify:

Expensify Travel App for iOSThis is a travel mobile app that serves as navigational tool for pedestrians, bikers and public commuters in buses, ferries, trains, etc. Details of subway stations, train departures and arrival schedules, etc are available in this app, which also offers taxi guides from point of departure to destinations. This also offers details of presence of hotels, restaurants, food joints and bars and other city guides.

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5. Copilots GPS:

CoPilot GPS Travel App for iOSThis GPS offers offline storage of navigational data and statistics, different from other apps that need Internet connectivity, or cell tower convenience to watch data while travelling. This free app is available in most iPhones and Android systems and offers options, maximum of three walking or driving tracks, along with standardized maps. Premium versions also offer voice navigation with vocal turn-by-turn including the names of streets and other relevant data appearances.

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