9 Best to use Mobile Apps for Rooted Android Gadgets

Rooted Android GadgetsRooted Android Gadgets

It’s absolutely true to say that rooting your devices has become extremely less essential these days than earlier days, but there are still plenty of reasons to be taken into considerations on the fact of rooting your devices. Rooting your devices will not only offer us with awesome functionalities but yes, of course, you’ll have huge access to a whole new genre of your Android applications at its best. Here, I will introduce you guys with few root applications that will help you improve the performance of your Android device. Let’s see now:

1. SuperSU

SuperSU is known as one of the world’s best ever known root privilege managing apps that efficiently manages all sorts of Android root functionalities such as one of the application process that is illegally trying to get access to your system has to first get in touch with SuperSU to gain full access permissions. SuperSU further lets you grant as well as deny permission to any application that is requesting system privileges.

It offers you with lots of advances working features such as accessing as well as requesting logs, various un-root options, option to auto-allow system apps easily, etc.

2 AdBlock Browser:

This is another most renowned Android root applications that any Android owner will prefer to go ahead to access its functionalities. As you know that any websites that you love the most are largely paid for advertising process, but if you’re the one of a kind for whom money matters a lot, then I would definitely suggest you go for AdBlock Plus Android root app, that is one of the original and best ad blocker for Android devices. After years of research, I can now say that you can certainly move ahead with AdBlock root application.

AdBlock Plus is designed as a free as well as open source application that effectively is used to remove all useless advertisements from your Android device. It’s considered as a must-have Android app to root the device. This professionally enhanced Android root app offers highly configurable process so that some unobtrusive ads can’t get through your device.

3. System App Remover

This is another kind of rooted Android app that allows users to remove all those pre-installed system applications with the help of bloatware. It almost goes well with every Android versions that help us to remove all types waste precious internal storage as well as system resources.

But, unfortunately, there’s no easy process to easily recover the memory they’re occupying but, yes you can definitely remove them to restrict the drainage of your battery system. So, system App Remover is a great tool for Android devices.

4. Flashify
Flashify is an advanced level Android root app that all root users should use it. What makes this root app highly efficient is its capability to queue up stuff to flash from recovery process without having to reboot your device. This can comprise of zips, mods, kernels, boot images, recovery images, and much more are there to mention in the list.

This is one of the greatest tools for root beginners as well as for amateurs and it’s especially fair enough for those who hate to use ADB and Fastboot commands. Flashify is exceedingly simple to use that offers excellent and highly modern interface features to make your task of rooting Android devices more simple.

5. Root Browser

Root Browser is designed in such a manner that it is easily used to browse the Android system with various root privileges. It further can be used to view as well as modify all your system partition’s data, files, and remove system applications. The app comes with a huge number of advanced features of a file manager, and many more advance features such as sharing files via e-mail, files archiver and extractor, APK file extractor and decompiler, etc.

6. Greenify

Greenify is designed with a combination of battery saver as well as performance booster functionalities that hibernate applications to consumes more system resources, and make your Android device run faster and smoother even better than before.

Root privileges Android app allows a hibernation process on various applications of the system, and thus it effectively improves your system’s performance. Xposed framework along with different root privilege pattern, brings a huge number of advanced level root features.

7. The Tasker

Tasker root application for Android devices is known as one of the most esteemed application that is assembled with huge features to root your Android gears. Tasker is referred to as full system automation application that automatically automates anything that you perform every day with your Android phones, right from setting up of scheduled activities to automating tasks in apps.

8. Quick Boot (Reboot)

Quick Boot is an application that is simple as well as absurd to use sometimes by users. In most versions of Android devices, you will see that the power menu is extremely weak and can only be powered down and sometimes can be rebooted as well. Quick Reboot further fixes it by allowing users to follow the process of rooting of Android devices to recover it easily, and boot to bootloader at much faster rates.

If I talk in terms of advantages, then I must say that Tasker supports as well as go for hot boot options that simply reboots the Android UI features. QuickBoot is extremely quick, simple, and offers its users with a wide number of advanced power menu options for your device.

9. ROM Toolbox

ROM Toolbox is one of those few all-in-one key features that is used by root users every now and then, to root their Android devices. It offers a bunch of advanced working features that comprises of a numerous number of built-in file browsing system with root features and app manager (uninstall system apps, etc). ROM controlling features in ROM Toolbox creates Android back-ups, script editors, font installers, and a lot more. ROM Toolbox even allows changing the boot animations, themes, and status bar icons.

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