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Kids Train Game Review App

Kids Train Game Review AppKids will always develop a certain fascination for trains. The Chuggington Traintastic Adventures is one of the most interesting train games developed especially for kids. Created by Budge Studios, this game is intended for the iPad and Android tablets. The game is available for $6.99 at the iTunes Store and Google Play.

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Game Play

Chuggington Traintastic Adventure is a railroad building game that kids will surely enjoy. The game is generally patterned with the interactive train sets sold in boxes where players manually build the tracks with which their trains will run. This game app follows the same gameplay. The only difference is that it is made more exciting and challenging by the added features and tasks integrated into the adventures.

The game officially starts as you enter the Build and Play section, a huge area where the tracks will be laid down. Once the tracks are okay, it’s time that you pick a train and jazz it up. Just decide what attachments you would like to use with it. And don’t forget to take with you some speed boosters or headlights while you’re at it. All of these things will give your game that much-needed pizzazz.

Tap on the screen to build your track and to make your train run about. Watch out for the coins and collect them all. The coins are what you’ll need to decorate the tracks. Each coin that floats about can give the player added game perks such as buildings, bells, traffic stops, light posts, and many others. The more coins you collect, the more interesting your railroad will be.

Game Modes

Chuggington Game Play iOS AppThe Chuggington Traintastic Adventure comes in four modes or adventure types. Each adventure mode comes complete with a narrative and different sets of tasks waiting to be completed. Some adventures would require players to gather quarry rocks before building railroads. The tasks will all be kid-friendly and easy-to-follow, thus making every adventure a nice surprise for the kids.

Every adventure completed is celebrated with fireworks and different ways of positive reinforcement. These are the things that make this game engaging for all the little kids playing the game. The Braking Brewster game mode, for example, is one that includes tasks like loading, speedy delivery, discovery, and rescue. The other adventures available via an expansion pack are Brewster Booster, Can’t Catch Koko, and Jetpack Wilson.

Graphics and Sounds

The game is visually appealing, especially with the different features integrated in it, more particularly in the nighttime scenes. The game is mainly intended for kids so it is expected that the colors used have to be attractive. The game itself is very creative and is patterned after the TV show of the same title, produced for preschoolers airing on the Disney Channel.

As for the music or sound used in the game, it can be both upbeat and relaxing at the same time. That means kids can play not in a harried state. With the sounds quite pleasing to the ears, parents won’t be disturbed by the game’s audio at all.

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