Top 5 Cooking Apps For Your iPhone


Coming up with new and interesting meals can be a challenge for even the most innovative chefs. Luckily, when you’re in a pinch and mealtime is fast approaching try one of these top 5 cooking apps for your iPhone and have a delicious meal ready in no time.

1. Cook’s Illustrated

Cooks IllustratedWith its delicious looking pictures and complicated looking dishes, Cook’s Illustrated can appear slightly intimidating to any level chef. Luckily, the popular cooking magazine has created an iPhone application that has excellent recipes for everything from side dishes to main courses to desserts to appetizers. In addition to being apple to browse recipes, the app also allows users to select an ingredient from the recipe and add it to a virtual shopping list. The app is free to download.

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2. Whole Foods Market Recipes

Whole Foods Market RecipesThe go-to grocery store for all natural foods, the Whole Foods Market Recipes app features a litany of excellent food options for any meal. Browse recipes by nutritional content and filter further depending on any allergies or dietary restrictions. Once a meal is selected, the app can be used to create a shopping list so you’ll never forget an ingredient. For those that live near a Whole Foods grocery store you can check inventory prior to shopping to ensure that the needed ingredient is available. The app costs nothing through Apple’s marketplace.

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3. Weber’s On the Grill

Webers On the GrillWhen you’re craving something on the grill, but lacking for an idea open the Weber’s On The Grill app on your iPhone to browse hundreds of recipes. With over 40 recipes devoted to just marinades, rubs and sauces there’s no way you won’t find the perfect meal. Like the other apps, this one includes a feature to create, share and email your grocery list and top recipes to yourself and your friends or family. Slightly more expensive than our other apps, Weber’s On the Grill costs $4.99.

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4. The Big Oven

BigOvenOffering a treasure trove of recipes that total more than 250,000, The Big Oven App makes it easy to prepare any meal. In addition to offering instructions on making many recipes, the app also offers tips and suggestions on how to create dishes from your leftovers. To take advantage of this nifty feature, simply enter the ingredients currently in your home and the app will formulate a list of recipes that can be made with just those items. In addition to the recipes that are already published on the app, additional meals can be added from other websites by cutting and pasting the URL into the app. The app is available for free to iPhone users.

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5. Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything

How to Cook EverythingFrom the desk of bestselling author Mark Bittman comes the app equivalent of his popular book entitled How to Cook Everything. This app includes thousands and thousands of recipes that are accompanied by vivid pictures and cooking advice. In addition to offering a step-by-step guide to making every dish, the app also includes wine pairing suggestions and information on common cooking techniques. The app costs $9.99; however, anyone who is weary of this price should remember that it contains virtually the same content as Bittman’s more expensive cookbook.

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